Make it a Safe Harvest


Make it a safe harvest By John Schlageck, Kansas Farm Bureau Long hours, a flurry of activity, less-than-ideal weather conditions and work involving large machinery combine to make wheat harvest a potentially dangerous period. To say farmers are busy during this time would be an understatement. Try to call one after 7 a.m. or before […]

Did Hubris, Arrogance and Pride, send the U.S. to War? Joan Jerkovich Show


The MSNBC documentary called Hubris: Selling the Iraq War exposes how the Bush administration essentially convinced the American people that we needed to invade Iraq in 2003.   This documentary, as narrated by Rachel Maddow, was taken from the best-selling book of the same name written by Michael Isikoff, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent, and co-authored with David […]