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Look ahead, not back »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Proponents of organic, labor-intensive farming contend we should go back to the days when every family owned 40 acres, farmed with hay burners (horses) and used no chemicals. You remember the good ol’ days when people were self-sufficient, owned a couple milk cows, tilled a garden and butchered 40 or 50 fryers each spring. Some […]

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BOOK REVIEW: ‘Born Reading’ by Jason Boog »


‘Born Reading’ by Jason Boog Every parent wants to give his or her child a competitive advantage. In “Born Reading,” publishing insider (and new dad) Jason Boog explains how that can be as simple as opening a book. Studies have shown that interactive reading, a method that creates dialogue as you read together, can raise […]

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Ballot issue puts court in political crosshairs »


Yes, much of the recent press was about the Kansas Supreme Court overruling law professor/Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s assertion that Democrat U.S. Senate primary election winner Chad Taylor had inadequately professed that he was incapable of serving in the U.S. Senate. The case, still being wrung out before a Shawnee County District Court three-judge […]

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Hays church celebrates paying off loan early »


Submitted by Celebration Community Church As they did with their first building, Celebration Community Church has again paid their building loan off in less than half the length of the loan, saving $321,300 in interest. Celebration Community Church celebrated paying off the 15,000s square-foot addition by burning their mortgage in each of their five Sunday […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Equalizer’ ends up in the green »

Gerstner James crop

“The Equalizer” is a gritty, violent action-thriller that reunites “Training Day” alums Denzel Washington and director Antoine Fuqua, which follows a quiet man with a mysterious past who is thrust into a private war against Russian crime lords. As per usual, Washington delivers an intense, easy-to-like performance that is both amicable and somehow threatening; and […]

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DAVE SAYS: Two free spirits »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, What’s your advice to a couple when they’re both Free Spirits with money? Steve Dear Steve, Being a Free Spirit just means you don’t major in details. You’re not the number cruncher, and you don’t wear a pocket protector. But being a Free Spirit doesn’t mean you can’t be a grown up. Maturity […]

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Yesterday’s papers »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

When I was a youngster my dad used to read two newspapers daily. His newspapers of choice were the Kansas City Star and Denver Post. Both arrived on the same day and both contained the latest news from that date in history. The doodlebug or jitney brought the two papers from K.C. 358 miles to […]

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Welcome to college, where religious freedom goes to die »


In the Orwellian world of many college and university campuses, all faiths are welcome — but some faiths are more welcome than others. Just this month, for example, California State University “derecognized” InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an evangelical student organization with more than 900 chapters at colleges and universities across the country. In plain English, this […]

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INSIGHT KANSAS: Economic lightning in a jar »

Peterson IK CROP

Some readers may recall a column last spring by my colleague Michael Smith regarding a questionnaire he gave to his students at Emporia State. It produced the disturbing finding that most thought they’d be leaving the state after graduation to find opportunity. Recently, I asked my state and local government students what was on their […]

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Now That’s Rural: Oberlin native Ward Morgan, CivicPlus »

Ron Wilson crop

By RON WILSON Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development San Jose, Calif., is located in the Silicon Valley, home to some of the nation’s largest high tech companies. But the website for the city of San Jose is not designed by any of those. Instead, it was designed and is hosted by a company […]

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Moral bankruptcy »

Les Knoll crop

Where to begin? This is the stuff books are made of. No way can I do anything but scratch the surface in this writing. It’s that massive. Whether it is corruption, fraud, lawlessness, abuse, lack of ethics, or just plain old dirty politics, our federal administrative government is completely out of control. It appears to […]

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World university rankings »


The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) was released earlier this month. According to the summary in University World News, United States universities took “…16 places in the top 20, 52 in the top 100 and 146 in the top 500.” Eight of the top 10 were U.S. universities: Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Princeton, Caltech, […]

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Domestic violence: ‘It has to stop now’ »

Mark Schreiber crop

One in four. What would you do if I told you since this time last year one in four women experienced domestic violence? Ignore it? Be outraged? Offer help? I have had the privilege of serving on the boards of domestic violence/sexual assault organizations in our state over the last several years. I’m not a […]

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