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Exploring Kan. Outdoors: Examining the ‘right to hunt’ amendment »


There is an old adage that says if you drop a frog into boiling water it will immediately jump out, but if you put that same frog into a pot of cool water then slowly raise the water temperature to boiling, the frog will likely be boiled. The gist of the proverb is that we […]

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Take steps to better health: Walk Kansas starts March 15 »

Linda Beech

It’s as simple as putting one step in front of another. That’s the idea behind Walk Kansas, an eight-week program that starts March 15, designed to promote activity, good nutrition and better health. Even Kansans who do not routinely walk or have other fitness routines find Walk Kansas to be an easy way to get […]

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SELZER: Insurance Matters »


By Ken Selzer, CPA, Commissioner of Insurance Most Kansans realize that March through September are the storm-season months in our state. Living in Kansas can mean beautiful sunsets and wonderful views, but it can also mean damaging winds, hail, flooding, earthquakes and tornadoes. Our staff at the Kansas Insurance Department has the following checklist for […]

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Insight Kansas: The Spirit of 1787 »

Rackaway, Chap crop2

The U.S Constitution is a remarkable example of resilience. Changed an average of once a decade, the two-century-old document has adapted to the times. Or has it? Compromises on the slave trade pushed an inevitable conflict back until civil war was necessary. Millions had civil rights denied because of a lack of Constitutional protections. Today, […]

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Defining obscenity »


The current debate to censor sex education in Kansas rests upon the incorrect assumption that what is obscene in public is likewise obscene in all other settings. The arguments reference “community standards,” a court ruling that not only recognized that the definition of obscenity varied from community to community, but that context does matter. In […]

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HAWVER: Turnaround day past, many questions remain for Legislature »


The Legislature has made it past “Turnaround Day” and that’s a relatively big deal. Turnaround is the process of getting bills from most House and Senate committees approved and sent across the Statehouse rotunda to the opposite chamber. The first month and a half of the session has been…distracting comes to mind. We’ve seen the […]

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REVIEW: ‘Focus’ ends up adrift »

Gerstner James crop

Good “Con Man” stories are harder and harder to make these days. In my experience, a movie like “Focus” has to balance two very different desires from audiences. On one hand, they have to create situations wherein the true purpose isn’t initially apparent. On the other, they need to leave enough clues for viewers to […]

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Western Farm Show set to kick off »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Billed as “Nearly everything an agribusiness professional would need or want,” this year’s 54th edition of the Western Farm Show lived up to its slogan. Each year thousands of farmers, ranchers, school children, FFA youngsters and urbanites attended the two-day event at the American Royal Complex in Kansas City. Farmers and ranchers spend hours walking […]

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Hineman: Debate over taxing farmland heats up »

Hineman crop

Property tax on Kansas farmland has been a hot topic recently.  Perhaps it is time to review why use-value appraisal is appropriate.  There are some very legitimate reasons why the Kansas constitution was changed in 1986 to value agricultural land for property tax purposes based on its income-producing ability rather than its market value. Land […]

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Exploring Kan. Outdoors: Are you a road-kill griller? »


Considering the agendas of certain conniving politicians that would like nothing better than to (attempt) to take my guns away, or at very least, close all hunting seasons, I sometimes plan in my mind what I’ll do if the day ever arrives when the only LEGAL way for me to continue eating wild game will […]

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Tweeting — and setting the nation’s ‘chat agenda’ »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

From Sean Penn and the Oscars to Keith Olbermann and Bill O’Reilly at their cable TV perches, and with a dash of national security issues for good measure, we’re “all atwitter” — literally. Twitter — the 140-character social media phenom — is used by just 23% of adult Americans who are online, according to a […]

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WAYMASTER: From the Dome to Home »

troy-waymaster crop

Troy L. Waymaster, R-Bunker Hill, State Representative, Kansas House District 109 TOPEKA–Turnaround Approaches This Friday, February 27, marks the first major deadline of the legislative session, commonly referred to as “Turnaround.” All bills, aside from some exempt bills, must be passed by the chamber of origin by this deadline in order to be considered after […]

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INSIGHT KAN.: State’s fate is more tragic than comic »

MSmith2 crop

  Rep Joe Seiwert (R-Pretty Prairie) does not think we are funny. Recently, the anonymously-authored HB 2234 arrived in the House Committee on Education. It would prohibit professors at state universities from using our official titles and affiliations in newspaper columns like this one. Advocates Seiwert and Rep. Virgil Peck (R-Tyro) report that they are […]

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