New Kan. criteria for concurrent coursework


As college students return to Kansas colleges and universities, there are new murmurs among the cohort. “Sure wish my parents had paid 300 dollars so that high school course would have counted for college.” And “College courses are so much more difficult! My roommate doesn’t have to take it because he got credit for his […]

Trump boasts about wealth drive up his popularity

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Donald Trump alienated millions of voters with his ugly attacks on Mexican immigrants and John McCain’s war record. But he rocketed to the top of GOP presidential polls anyway. Is Trump’s racism driving this surge? Maybe. But I’d argue it’s something else: his relentless, self-aggrandizing celebration of his own wealth. Recently, Trump estimated his net […]

Now That’s Rural: Wayne Kruse, Orchestra on the Oregon Trail

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By RON WILSON Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development What happens when music meets a meadow? That sounds like an unusual combination. Today we’ll learn about an initiative which brings together high quality symphonic music, genuine western history, and pristine natural beauty in rural Kansas. Wayne Kruse is chair of the steering committee for […]

Olympic fiasco: Awarding Beijing rewards persecution


Last week, the International Olympic Committee awarded Beijing the 2022 Winter Games, demonstrating yet again that selection of a host city has everything to do with politics, money and power — and nothing whatsoever to do with human rights. While Chinese government officials were celebrating the “Olympic spirit” in Beijing, it was religious persecution as […]

Happy Birthday, Singapore


“U.S.A! U.S.A! We’re Number One!” Well, maybe not. Aside from spending on military, the United States is somewhere down the list on nearly every other criterion. From personal income to longevity to health care to international test scores, various northern European and Asian countries outpace us. But if you average the rankings, Singapore might very […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Jokes fail to land in ‘Vacation’

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The worst things about vacations are the delays. Waiting for the plane to take off, waiting for the bus, waiting to check into the hotel. No one likes to hurry up and wait. The 2015 movie “Vacation” which is a continuation/spin-off of the Chevy Chase “Vacation” series that includes such gems as “Vacation,” “Christmas Vacation,” […]

Where’s all the GOP outrage over attacks on Democrats’ war records?

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At long last, Republican presidential hopefuls crept out of their foxholes, where they’d been cowering and maintaining radio silence, to attack Donald Trump. With one or two exceptions, the field went AWOL as Trump trashed immigrants, calling them drug runners and rapists. But as soon as Trump said “I like people who weren’t captured,” suggesting […]