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Busy homecoming week in Ellis »

Dena crop

Hello everyone! This week is going to be crazy busy and I have a few more things to add to your list of to-do’s.  Let’s just jump right in! Today (Monday, for those who are already lost) you can catch the EHS JV Football game right here at home.  The Railers will take on LaCrosse […]

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‘Gone Girl’ jumpstarts end-of-the-year cinema »

Gerstner James crop

“Gone Girl” is a dark, twisting story about a wife, played by Rosamund Pike, who disappears and the husband, played by Ben Affleck, who is accused of her murder and the equally dark and twisting relationship that exists between the two. This is the latest entry in director David Fincher’s (“The Social Network,” “Fight Club,” […]

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DAVE SAYS: You can’t afford the master’s degree! »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, My husband makes about $35,000 a year before taxes, and we have one child. We’ve also got a mortgage and $60,000 in student loan debt. About a year ago, my husband started work on a master’s degree, because he thinks he wants to teach when he retires. He quit school after the baby […]

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After election, either revenue or spending will be a forefront »


While all the noise is about the coming election, Statehouse insiders are looking at spreadsheets on revenues and wondering what’s going to happen once all are elected, have their new business cards printed up and have to figure how to run things. The best guesses so far are that for the remaining nine months of […]

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Of October baseball, film premieres and loyalties »

Lucia Bain is Kansas Room librarian at Hays Public Library.

My hometown, St. James, Mo., is located on I-44, halfway between St. Louis and Springfield. My family lives squarely within “Cardinal Country.” I’ve attended games at both the old and new Busch Stadiums, I’ve listened to the games on the radio, I watched Mark McGuire hit his record breaking home runs, I rooted for Albert […]

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‘All I really needed to know, I learned from a farmer’ »

Tammy-Welbrock crop

Through his most famous essay, Robert Fulghum attributed his time in kindergarten for teaching him all of the important life skills he needed to be a successful adult. While he made some valid points, I respectfully have to disagree. You see, I grew up on a farm, in a rural agriculturally dependent community, with friends […]

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Media bias prevents civil discussion of education issues »

Trabert crop

Media bias favoring a tax-and-spend philosophy prevents civil discussion of serious education issues in Kansas, as evidenced by a Hays Daily News editorial entitled “School Efficiency.”  The editorial promotes a report published by the Kansas Center for Economic Growth as evidence that schools are underfunded and says the report should be “scrutinized closely” by citizens.   […]

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Passionate, patriotic protest in defense of civil disorder »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

Dozens of Colorado high school students decided a few days ago to demand a complete education about American history — and they had to walk out of class to make their point. According to reports in The Denver Post and the Los Angeles Times, students at nine high schools in Denver suburbs have left classes […]

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Insight Kansas: Brownback shields wealthy Kansans from school costs »

flentje CROP

In a recent gubernatorial debate Gov. Sam Brownback affirmed once again that he will protect the state’s wealthiest citizens from paying more for public schools. The governor was speaking before an audience of business owners and professionals in the state’s wealthiest county, Johnson County, in suburban Kansas City. Democrat Paul Davis criticized the governor for […]

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Building an emergency fund »

Linda Beech

Make saving a priority to help cushion the impact of financial emergencies. According to an annual survey conducted by Bankrate.com more than a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings. Of those who do have savings, 67 percent have less than six months worth of expenses saved. Having access to just $500-1,000 in savings could […]

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DAVE SAYS: Asset allocation »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, Can you explain the “asset allocation” theory when it comes to investing? Matthew Dear Matthew, The asset allocation theory is one touted by lots of people in the financial community. It’s also a theory with which I disagree. In short, the asset allocation theory means that you invest aggressively while you’re young. Then […]

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The little train that won’t »

OtherWords columnist Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer and public speaker.

I love groups with the gumption to take on big tasks and do what needs to be done — can-do groups that can, and do. But, uh-oh, here comes The Little Train That Couldn’t. I’m talking about Congress. Since the earliest days of our US of A, the most basic task of this legislative body […]

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Look ahead, not back »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Proponents of organic, labor-intensive farming contend we should go back to the days when every family owned 40 acres, farmed with hay burners (horses) and used no chemicals. You remember the good ol’ days when people were self-sufficient, owned a couple milk cows, tilled a garden and butchered 40 or 50 fryers each spring. Some […]

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