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Schlageck: Be wise to the ways of the rays »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

The next time you take time out of the sun, dust off one of those old family photo albums. You know, the ones that date back to the ’30s, ‘40s, ‘50s and even early ‘60s. If your family farmed, you’ll see photos of your relatives attired in wide-brimmed hats. Look at their shirts. You’ll see […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Spy’ is every kind of pretty good »

Gerstner James crop

Melissa McCarty movies come in exactly two varieties, the funny, entertaining kind and trashy, abysmal kind. In this reviewer’s opinion, the distance between the two types of Melissa McCarthy movies is only 15% the fault of Melissa McCarthy. The lion’s share of the blame falls on the parade of executives, writers and directors that jumped […]

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HAWVER: Playing the furlough games »


Now, let’s think…you are in front of a burning house with a child inside… Do you rush in to save the child, or do you wait until the local TV crew shows up, unloads the cameras, positions them for the best view, and then, once you’ve gotten the OK that film is rolling, storm into […]

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China’s most severe test continues »


The first weekend in June brings China’s “gao kao” or “high test.” Today, I am walking through the crowd of students awaiting the re-opening of the school doors and the beginning of the afternoon test session.This is the test that will determine their life. Score high and they may be able to enter the first […]

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Exploring Kansas Outdoors: Jane Schmidt’s monster striper »


The other day at the nursing home/retirement center where I work, I passed a group of the senior “girls” just finished with their morning exercise class. Among the group was Nora Jane Schmidt, who called to me “Hey Steve, have you seen the picture of my big fish?” Now Nora Jane is no stranger to […]

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Insurance scams can be plentiful after Kansas storms »


During the past two months tornadoes, hail, high winds, driving rains and flooding have provided feelings of anxiety and frustration for Kansans whose property has been damaged. “Unfortunately, those are the emotions that insurance con artists feed on,” said Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance. “Unscrupulous individuals who prey on the misfortunes of others […]

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FHSU president offers statement on possible furloughs »

OFFICIAL PHOTO Mirta Martin crop

Editor’s note: Distributed to faculty and staff of FHSU on Friday. Reprinted with permission. I wish I could start by saying “I hope this note finds you well,” but I can’t because I know this note will find you concerned and anxious as a result of the possible furloughs. While I am also very concerned […]

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A reminder to remember: Neweum’s Journalists Memorial »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

On Monday, June 8, in Washington, D.C., a group will stop and remember what we all would like to forget — but should never put out of our minds. On that day, journalists, family members and others will gather for the annual rededication of the Newseum’s Journalists Memorial — a wall of soaring metal and […]

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INSIGHT KANSAS: An obvious solution — undo the tax policy »

Duane Goossen crop

In all the hubbub of the overtime Kansas legislative session, the obvious solution to crippling state financial problems gets little traction. In fact, the governor threatens a veto if it would pass. Why not undo the tax policy that created the problem? Steep income tax cuts directly caused a massive revenue loss–$700 million in one […]

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Your guide to the 2016 GOP candidates »

Donald_Kaul crop

The Republicans have a big problem. Their presidential primary contest is beginning to resemble the New York marathon — hordes of contestants as far as the eye can see. How is a voter expected to choose among them, particularly since virtually all say pretty much the same thing? To name a few examples, the entire […]

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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘San Andreas’ is shaky, at best »

Gerstner James crop

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the television and film mediums and how they tell stories. The past couple years has seen a shift in the public consciousness about what television (and related services, i.e. Netflix) is and what it can do. Gone are the days of nothing but sitcoms and gameshows. When we […]

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Invitation to annual Military Appreciation Night at Larks Park »

Larks-Jersey 1

Hays Larks The Hays Larks are inviting everyone to the 7th annual Military Appreciation Night in conjunction with their game against the El Dorado Broncos on Saturday, June 6th at Larks Park at 7 p.m. All active, reserve, and retired military personnel are specially invited to attend and will be honored on the field during […]

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Schlageck: Better prospects for 2015 wheat harvest »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Travel through northwestern Kansas and you’ll see plenty of variability in the winter wheat crop. Rooks County farmer Stephen Bigge, believes wheat planted on the family farm during the third week in September looks good. Some of the crop seeded October 10 or later probably won’t yield as well and an early November freeze hammered […]

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