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Praising Bossie — the underrated star of the farm »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Talk to farmers, stockmen and ranchers – most will tell you how much they love their cows. Problem is this humble and in most cases easy-going beast rarely receives the praise associated with the noble show horse or one of the so-called smartest creatures, the squealing pig. No one extols the virtues of this contented […]

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‘Forrest Gump’ edges out ‘The Identical’ »

Gerstner James crop

One of the things I’ve been enjoying most about living in Kansas City is the bevy of older films that are brought back to theaters for special engagements. This past weekend the only new film that opened in Hays was “The Identical,” which is apparently about twin brothers separated at birth, one of whom becomes […]

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DAVE SAYS: We need help with our budget! »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, My husband and I have been living on a budget for a few months, and for some reason there seems to be leaks in our budget. It’s just a few dollars here and there, but added together it makes a huge dent. Can you give us some advice? Joy Dear Joy, This kind […]

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Roberts: First Amendment must be preserved (VIDEO) »


WASHINGTON – Taking to the floor of the U.S. Senate, Senator Pat Roberts on Monday night defended the First Amendment against Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attempts to silence opposition. Senator Roberts is the ranking member of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration which has jurisdiction over federal election law. “Our founding fathers knew […]

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Absentee professors »


At some public universities across the nation, faculty parking lots are half empty after noon. Good colleges and universities have traditionally had good teaching faculty. They not only taught their courses well, but they had ample office hours. Their doors were open to students who have further questions, needed extra help, or sought academic advice. […]

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Response to Roberts by Traditional Republicans for Common Sense »

email2 - letter

It’s sad and more than just a little pitiful that after 34 years in Congress and three terms in the US Senate Pat Roberts is allowing his managers to resort to finger pointing in a desperate attempt to hold his seat in the Senate. This is exactly what’s so wrong about politics in this country […]

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Orman taking the simpler approach to Senate campaign »


You almost have to wonder whether those two appropriately dressed debaters at the Kansas State Fair at Hutchinson are dividing Kansas voters into two separate groups — those who are intimately familiar with the operation of Congress, and those who aren’t. That debate, of course, was between Republican U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts and independent candidate […]

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Create peace of mind by building an emergency fund »

KSU research & extension

By LINDA BEECH K-State Research and Extension Make saving a priority to help cushion the impact of financial emergencies. According to an annual survey conducted by Bankrate.com more than a quarter of Americans have no emergency savings. Of those who do have savings, 67 percent have less than six months worth of expenses saved. Having […]

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Washington takes action to reform VA »


By Sen. JERRY MORAN In a year when Kansans have been inundated by news reports of incidents of mismanagement and even death caused by failures at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), there is finally good news to deliver: The U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives came together to pass compromised legislation to […]

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Executing journalists a savage, futile act »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

When will these ISIS terrorist thugs realize that the phrase “U.S. journalist” concerns geography, not political science? Killing journalists from this county does get you headlines, but history tells us that it’s an ignorant, tragic and foolish belief to think that the government of the United States will change geo-political directions because journalists die. Clearly, […]

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Swapping summer for fall as September slips by »

Lucia Bain is Kansas Room librarian at Hays Public Library.

When I was in college, I petitioned my parents for a bicycle as a birthday gift. I saw other students zipping around campus on bicycles and I thought it would be fun to be a part of this crowd. True to my preference for vintage things, I asked specifically for an old-fashioned red bicycle with […]

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Leadership education: It is not a scam »

Arensdorf, Jill  crop

Have you ever wanted to make a strategic change in your company? Have you wanted to motivate people to raise awareness for a cause? Have you yearned for policy change in your city? If so, you might have grappled with just how to go about those changes? My answer is by exercising leadership – difficult, […]

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DAVE SAYS: Cash wedding on a budget »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, I’m getting married soon, and my fiancée and I together have saved about $9,000 for our wedding. Right now, we’re doing really well on our budgets and almost always have money left over each month. Should we use the extra money to continue paying down our debt, or is it okay to use […]

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