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Insight Kansas: Uber-serious veto override splits political coalitions »

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Veto overrides have been a rarity in the Kansas Legislature lately, but Governor Brownback just got handed a big one. Now law, Kansas HB 117 will require Uber and other ride-sharing services to abide by state regulations: all drivers submit to a background check from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and carry both comprehensive and […]

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Will the ‘Home of the Brave’ still protect free speech? »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

The thwarted attack May 3 on a Prophet Muhammad “cartoon” competition in Texas aimed to put freedom of expression in the crosshairs. Let’s examine the latest incident — which seems now to be an unsuccessful attempt to echo the Jan. 7 attack on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo — through a First Amendment lens. […]

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TMP-M’s annual ACE auction sets another record »

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TMP-M By the grace of God, the generosity of our alumni and friends, and the devoted prayer and work of hundreds of volunteers, we are pleased to announce that this year’s Auction for Christian Education once again achieved record-breaking status. The regular auction, along with our generous Penny Donors’ commitment to match one penny for […]

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DAVE SAYS: Church pushback »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, My wife and I go to a small church where we tithe. The church is continually asking for contributions to other charities and causes, and we don’t have the money to give to them all while we’re sticking to our budget and getting out of debt. The worst part is that we get […]

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Community Foundation of Ellis offers thanks »

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Community Foundation of Ellis With the Community Foundation of Ellis’ “Giving Back to Ellis” campaign coming to a close, the Foundation would like to thank our entire community for your support. You’ve already given over $35,000 to make our community an even better place to live than it already is, and our town’s generosity is […]

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College-shaming at commencement »


As we approach graduation each spring, some of our seniors get a pit in their stomachs. They dread what is becoming an annual ritual. A well-intentioned teacher or administrator calls all of the seniors to come forward. –Perhaps on the ball field at pre-game or halftime, with ball players or band kids. –Or on the […]

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SCHLAGECK: Remembering those Boomin’ times »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Being one of the early Baby Boomers there’s plenty to talk about in my lifetime that’s lasted into its sixth decade. During this wonderful, turbulent time my generation has been praised and pummeled. We called for banning the bomb, making love not war, witnessed the horror and assassination of our beloved president John F. Kennedy, […]

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HAWVER: Two-year budget cycle will wreak havoc at the polls »


This two-year budget cycle that Gov. Sam Brownback has put the state on at first glance sounds like a pretty good idea. Politically, though, it might just be a nightmare for Republicans and for Democrats ahead of the 2016 elections for every seat in the Legislature. Brownback’s new two-year budget falls at the first year […]

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Teen summer driving means increased insurance concerns »


TOPEKA–Kansas teenagers will soon be out of school for the summer, and with that will come increased opportunities for them to drive their own vehicles to work or ballgames or to hang out with their friends. While the freedom and independence teenagers feel behind the wheel is an important rite of passage in their lives, […]

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REVIEW: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ courses with excitement »

Gerstner James crop

What a wide, wonderful cinematic universe the folks over at Marvel have cooked up for us. We’ve had everything from the fish-out-of-water-that-happens-to-be-a-god flick, the espionage/action picture, the cosmic misfits cracking jokes amongst the stars saga (“Thor,” “Captain America 2,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”), and the superhero team phenomenon, “The Avengers.” Measured against such champions, […]

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Messages of hate, signs of freedom »


Freedom of speech took a hit this week when New York City’s transit authority voted to ban all political and public-issue advertising on its buses and subways. A group called the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) sponsored the message that triggered the decision. “Killing Jews is worship that draws us closer to Allah,” reads the […]

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Agencies collaborate to explore Medicare basics »

Linda Beech

In May, the Ellis County Extension Office will team up with the Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging to offer helpful information for those at or nearing retirement age.  A joint program on “Medicare Basics” will be held on Thursday, May 7, at 4:00-5:30 p.m. in the Extension meeting room, 601 Main, Hays. This free […]

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Schumacher: Ranting Ron Paul »

Tim Schumacher crop

The internet can be a wonderful vehicle for communication. It can also be used in negative ways to quickly send out propaganda for millions to read. Dr. Ron Paul, former U.S. representative from Texas and the self-proclaimed leader of liberty, prosperity and peace, has recently made the rounds on internet to inform everyone that America […]

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