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City ready to move on portable shipping containers »

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At long last, this Thursday at City Hall, Hays commissioners will be voting on modifications to ordinance No. 3749 on the use of portable shipping containers by businesses at specified commercial and industrial zoned locations. The commissioners were made aware of the need for business to be able to utilize these cost effective, safe and […]

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Looking long-term at the Ogallala Aquifer »

julene bair

As the daughter of a western Kansas farmer who began irrigating out of the Ogallala Aquifer in the 1960s, I realize what a financial boon irrigation has been. Few people worried then about the aquifer’s depletion, although, as far back as 1899, a government topographer sent to survey the High Plains concluded that withdrawals from […]

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DAVE SAYS: Asking for a raise »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, What’s your advice on asking for a raise at work when you have more responsibility than a co-worker but the same title on paper? After being with my company four years, I feel like I should make more money and I have the right to complain about this. Vanessa Dear Vanessa, Sorry, no. […]

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ is uninspiring »

Gerstner James crop

The “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” of the early ’90s had an incredibly formative impact on my life. I started my study of martial arts at age 6 due to my excitement and enthusiasm for the “Turtles.” I studied martial arts for close to 20 years and much of my personality was shaped by the values […]

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Can-do attitude »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

A century ago when this state consisted mainly of farm and ranch families, it was a common sight to see neighbors helping neighbors. They swapped farm machinery. They loaned labor back and forth to work harvest thrashing crews. A barn raising presented another opportunity for friends to help build and support the community. Since Kansas […]

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At The Rail »


You have until probably Nov. 2 to like your legislator and your governor. After that, it gets a little shaky. Because on Sunday, Nov. 2—or, rather make that Monday, Nov. 3, the day before the general election—the Consensus Revenue Estimating Group (CREG) will announce the state’s official revenue estimate for the rest of this fiscal […]

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Now That’s Rural: Lonnie Berger, Every Man A Warrior »

Ron Wilson crop

By RON WILSON Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development Are you a warrior? I don’t mean a soldier fighting battles overseas. I mean a man who fights for his family and home in the everyday struggles of life. Today we’ll meet a man from rural Kansas who has long had a heart for men […]

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Canning mistakes can be DEADLY »

Linda Beech is Ellis County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences with Kansas State Research and Extension.

The canning kettles at my house have been steaming this time of year. I’ve been canning green beans from my garden and last night I made several jars of pickle relish. I can’t wait until the pears and peaches and apples are ready to preserve in their time. I am a canning enthusiast and I […]

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Cross at Ground Zero: History lesson or state religion? »


At a time when Americans are deeply divided over the meaning of “separation of church and state,” a ruling from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week provides a much-needed case study in how the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause is supposed to work. In a unanimous decision, the three-judge panel dismissed a challenge […]

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Column: Hays’ Frank Leo will always have his Larks »

Larks-Jersey Logo

By BOB LUTZ The Wichita Eagle Frank Leo began coaching the Hays Larks before he and his wife, Barb, had kids. They were high school teachers in those days and the Larks, really, were their family. Now, 39 years later, Frank and Barb have three grown daughters and five grandchildren. And they still have their […]

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Speeding through the too-fast month of August »

Lucia Bain is Kansas Room librarian at Hays Public Library.

This August, I celebrate my two-year anniversary in Kansas and at the library. The time has passed so quickly, and my life has changed so much. My younger brother started dating his girlfriend (soon to be fiancé!) about the same time I started dating my husband, Clint. Just the other day, I was talking to […]

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Family farmers: A special breed »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

People outside of agriculture routinely try to define the family farm. These same folks have a tendency to question corporate farming, whether family owned or not. Let’s take a look at the family farm. In Kansas, farm and ranch families grow up with the feel of the prairie earth beneath their feet, the wide-open sky […]

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‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is a Marvel »

Gerstner James crop

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is a wonderful experience. Marvel Studios took a big risk in putting a film like this together. Although it is connected to the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is light years apart in terms of setting, intent and even general disposition. The movie is harder, grittier, far more irreverent than the […]

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