Schumacher: Echoes from the Greek debt crisis

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Editor’s note: This article was mainly composed with the help of Dr. Andreas Maheras of Hays, who has dual citizenship in the United States and Greece, and is currently in Athens, Greece. The Greek debt crisis is rapidly unfolding as these lines are written and the repercussions from Sunday’s referendum (7-5-15) are still unknown as […]

INSIGHT KANSAS: Tax that fella behind the tree

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One prominent op-ed theme this spring has argued that Kansas voters have been misled by the current crop of politicians. Conservative politicians, instead of executing pledges to end “ineffective programs,” eliminating services they believe to be inappropriate for government to do, and engaging in what Governor Bob Docking used to call “austere but adequate” budgeting, […]

MCCLASKEY: Working for Kansans


January 12, 2015. It’s a day that I’m willing to bet was just “another Monday” for most Kansans. For our state’s elected legislators, it was the first day of the state’s longest legislative session, and likely one of the most controversial. While issues like tax reform, budget and education funding received a great deal of […]

After gay marriage, can we move from battleground to common ground?


In recent years, religious freedom — or, more precisely, religious-freedom claims — have been front and center in the battle over same-sex marriage. From bitter debates in Arizona and Indiana to the grand compromise in Utah, proponents and opponents have shouted past one another about if and when to grant exemptions for conscientious objectors to […]

SCHLAGECK: Smart Business

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

While food safety will always be the cornerstone of our farm and ranch production process, allegiance is making inroads into why and where consumers buy their products. Sure, the majority of today’s shoppers enjoy and often take for granted the expanded menu in supermarkets. They look forward to shopping in a meat case filled with […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Terminator: Genisys’ is not a savior

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If you’ve ever experienced a human relationship, odds are you’ve heard this subtext-laden gem: “It’s fine.” In my experience, “fine” doesn’t travel alone – “fine” flies with distinctly negative, yet socially inappropriate or awkward baggage. “Fine” is a low-grade chemical weapon wrapped in a large layer of anti-toxins, bubble wrap and one of the expensive […]

HAWVER: Selling wedding cakes in Kansas


Now that same-sex marriages are legal in Kansas—oh, yes, and in the rest of the nation, too—Gov. Sam Brownback is mulling the possibility of reviving a Senate-trashed bill that will allow Kansans to decide whether they want to sell a wedding cake for a same-gender marriage. “Religious freedom” is the key phrase here, and practically, […]

Selzer: When the empty nest doesn’t stay empty


Ken Selzer, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance Sometimes the empty nest doesn’t stay empty. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the number of Americans living in multigenerational households has doubled since 1980. Baby boomers supporting their parents and their college graduates returning home are among the more than 50 million Americans living in multigenerational […]

Linda Beech: Keep barbecue safe for all to enjoy

Linda Beech is Ellis County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Sciences with Kansas State Research and Extension.

For many people, summer holidays such as the Fourth of July mean firing up the grill to enjoy outdoor meals with family and friends. Here are four barbecue food safety reminders from Liz Boyle, K-State Research and Extension meat specialist, to ensure everyone enjoys the food and the holiday. 1. Avoid cross-contamination. Frequently washing hands […]