Kansas teacher shortage grows


The number of Kansas teachers moving to another state doubled the 2010 figures. Kansas teacher retirements are up as well. Last week, the Kansas State Board of Education received the 2014-2015 Licensed Personnel Report. There was little in their data to ease the worries of some Kansas schools districts that are now seeing unfilled vacancies […]

States must force changes to U.S. Constitution

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Open Letter To The Kansas State Legislature: This is a call for the Kansas State Legislature to lead a lawful and peaceful revolution in union with other State Legislatures nationwide. The future of this grand experiment in freedom and liberty, the United States of America, is in your hands. You are the last line of […]

SCHLAGECK: This vacation, remember agriculture

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

All across our country Americans are checking their automobiles, installing GPSs, studying road maps, printing off directions from MapQuest and adding another item to their “to do” lists in preparation for long-awaited summer vacations. Anticipation will soar and expectations will rise as husband and wife teams take to the American highways and byways in search […]

The foreign student trade imbalance


If I wait to return to the United States in late July or August, I will have to pay hundreds of dollars more in airfare. There are over 270,000 Chinese students coming to study at American colleges and universities. Airlines use this surge in demand to charge what the market will bear; their only constraint […]

Schumacher: Echoes from the Greek debt crisis

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Editor’s note: This article was mainly composed with the help of Dr. Andreas Maheras of Hays, who has dual citizenship in the United States and Greece, and is currently in Athens, Greece. The Greek debt crisis is rapidly unfolding as these lines are written and the repercussions from Sunday’s referendum (7-5-15) are still unknown as […]