SCHLAGECK: Excess packaging, reuse and personal responsibility

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Any idea how much packaging we throw away in every household across the United States? The volume of plastic waste and packaging amounts to approximately 75 billion pounds per year, according to the Butte Environmental Council, an education, advocacy and recycling organization in northern California. In this country, plastic represents roughly one-third of municipal waste. […]

HAWVER: Demofest a mix of good news, bad news for Kan. Democrats


Amid the wreckage of Demofest, the Kansas Democratic Party’s summer convention in Wichita, Kansas Democrats did get some interesting and usable news for their upcoming legislative campaigns. Now, a lot went wrong at that Wichita gathering which kicked into gear just hours after  Democratic Party State Chairman Larry Meeker resigned his office, and the party […]

Movie Review: ‘American Ultra’ clocks in at pretty good

american ultra poster

“American Ultra” is an action-comedy about a stoner who is secretly a CIA-trained sleeper agent. That’s both interesting and funny, which is what you want in an action-comedy. Jesse Eisenberg (most famous for his mesmerizing role as Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network) plays said stoner sleeper agent to great effect. While there’s no denying […]

Fourteenth Amendment: You be the judge

opinion letter

The Fourteenth Amendment is being widely discussed again. This focus is on birthright citizenship. Should a illegal parent or parents come to the USA days before a baby is due in order to become a American citizen. The Fourteenth Amendment with its due process clause has been sighted in over 100 court cases including Supreme […]

INSIGHT KANSAS: Debating deep faith, moral error in Kan. budget fix

Peterson IK photo

In mid-June our Republican state Legislature ended its taxes versus spending stalemate. The members did so with first-rate melodrama and the shedding of remorseful tears – some real and some crocodile. Since then various explanations have been provided by legislators, the administration and journalists. All share a common thread: The 2012 tax cuts were wise […]

Weighing in on the Hillary email debacle

Les Knoll crop

Several weeks ago, I sent in a letter to the editors of the Hays Post and Hays Daily. The title of my letter was “Hillary hype, and insanity.” When Hillary announced she was coming out for the presidency, all of liberal media and Democrats got real excited about what they thought was good news, now it is […]

SCHLAGECK: Feeding our youngsters

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

For many children summer vacation zoomed by too quickly and they’re not excited about the new school year that is about to begin. Others are looking forward to school starting so they have something to eat. For a growing number of Kansas youngsters, summer isn’t a carefree time. For them summer isn’t fun in the […]