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Governor candidate Umbehr responds to debate controversy »

Libertarian party of Kansas

Keen Umbehr, the Libertarian candidate for governor, met with Kelly Lenz, Farm Director for WIBW Radio, on August 21, 2014, to discuss the station’s criteria for inclusion into the Kansas State Fair Gubernatorial debates which is scheduled to be held at 10 a.m. on Saturday, September 6, 2014. Mr. Lenz and Umbehr had a frank […]

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News From the Oil Patch »

Oil 001

By JOHN P. TRETBAR Oil production from Permian Basin of West Texas is outpacing pipelines’ ability to it to the Gulf Coast, causing coastal refiners to pay an additional premium to acquire oil. On Monday, that bottleneck caused oil for delivery at Midland, Texas to trade at nearly $20 a barrel less than the Gulf […]

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What you see is (not) what you get »

Tim Schumacher crop

“I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona. If you buy that, I’ll throw the Golden Gate in Free.” The lyrics of George Strait’s No. 1 hit set the theme for this month’s session. Part I: Imagine for a moment that you are planning a trip that requires a flight to somewhere. You begin checking the […]

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James Foley: Courage in the face of danger »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

To just mourn the brutal death of photojournalist James Foley … seems not enough. To just be sickened by the shabby and cowardly manner in which he was beheaded by the terrorist group ISIS … feels inadequate. And to hear his killers say Foley died in retaliation for U.S. military airstrikes in Iraq … is […]

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Ferguson and the creeping militarization of police »

OtherWords columnist Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer and public speaker.

The tragedies unfolding in Ferguson, Mo., are doubly infuriating. First, there is the obvious outrage of yet another unarmed black teenager being stopped by one of the town’s white police officers as he was walking to his grandmother’s home. A scuffle ensued, and Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown (six times, including twice in […]

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Don’t ‘got milk’ »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Imitation dairy products may account for nearly 70 percent of the items a shopper finds in the dairy case today. That’s according to the latest data from the dairy industry. A trip down the grocery aisle will quickly reveal the often-copied dairy products. There are products that mimic butter, cream, whipped cream, sour cream, ice […]

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DAVE SAYS: Sell the rental and reinvest? »

Dave Ramsey

Dear Dave, I’m retired, and my husband plans to work for several more years. We have $130,000 in savings accounts, plus a rental property. The rental property has a $150,000 mortgage, but we have no other debt. Should we sell the rental and reinvest in the stock market? Barbara Dear Barbara, If I were in […]

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Brownback ducks jabs with Roadmap 2.0 »


Remember those stories that start with the “a guy walks into a bar with a duck under his arm?” That idea can go a bunch of ways…and if you buy the premise (that duck under his arm), you’ll enjoy the story. Well, selling an idea worked for now-Gov. Sam Brownback four years ago. He had […]

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‘The Expendables 3’ is out of its prime »

Gerstner James crop

What is there left to say about “The Expendables?” It’s a franchise of few words to begin with, but after three installments the novelty, among other things, is starting to wear a little thin. Sylvester Stallone and a cavalcade of other 80s and 90s action stars again team up to face off against a sinister […]

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Final 4-H County Fair recipe is a winner »

Linda Beech

The final 4-H recipe from the 2014 County Fair is a decadent cake exhibited by Haley Robben from the Victoria Vikings 4-H Club. This beautiful 3-layer cake was the senior champion in the 4-H Foods division. Try it for your next special occasion. Pistachio Cake For the cake: 1 cup shelled pistachios 2-1/2 cups cake […]

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The great college textbook scam »


$200 would buy your college books for a whole year in 1960. Today, a single book can exceed that cost. Why is textbook cost so high when the actual costs of printing have declined? The answer is two-fold: 1) the digital “revolution” and 2) the professors select the textbook and the students have to buy […]

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Media and Missouri: What the heck is going on? »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

What in the heck is going on with the police in Ferguson, Missouri, and journalists? The St. Louis suburb has been the scene of peaceful protests and charged emotions, and nightly chaos and rampant looting, following the Aug. 9 shooting death of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a yet-to-be-identified police officer. In the confusion […]

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Now That’s Rural: Roger Hubert, barn preservation »

Ron Wilson crop

By RON WILSON Huck Boyd National Institute for Rural Development Can a barn be reborn? Today we’ll meet a man who believes strongly that barns are a vital element of our history and that they should be utilized and preserved. His personal journey in barn preservation has led him to rural Kansas. Roger Hubert is […]

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