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Insight Kansas: Happiness, dysfunction can coexist »

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Kansas is coming apart at the seams. The state legislature cannot figure out how to plug a $406 million budget gap, and tax proposal after tax proposal keeps getting voted down. Some school districts ended the school year early when they ran out of cash. The superintendent of the Skyline school district in Pratt County […]

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Moran’s Memo: Courageous veterans fight silent battles at home »

KS Sen. Jerry Moran

Courage is often talked about but seldom witnessed. Each May, Americans come together on Memorial Day to remember those courageous souls who laid down their lives for our freedom. These service men and women did not answer the call to serve in the name of Republicans or Democrats; they did so to protect liberty and […]

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Hays will host K-State’s Barbecue 101 for safe summer meals »

Linda Beech

Summer is the season for outdoor gatherings with food, fun, and fellowship. Unfortunately, summer is also the time when cases of foodborne illness increase. But, you can avoid those uninvited guests by safely preparing those special summer foods. K-State Research and Extension will present Barbecue 101, a one-day workshop for barbecue and grill enthusiasts, on […]

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SCHLAGECK: Decoration day »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

Every year in preparation for Memorial Day, Wilma Jean Erbe visits the three cemeteries where her relatives are buried. She goes to spruce up the grounds and place flowers on the graves. What’s different about Mrs. Erbe’s annual pilgrimage is she makes the rounds to Harrison, Cherryvale and Altoona the first or second weekend in […]

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Trained teachers and good intentions? »


“It will be possible to hire a certified electrician to teach high school English under the Innovative Districts proposal,” was one charge made during Open Forum at this month’s State Board of Education meeting. Later that morning, Kansas Education Commissioner-Elect Randy Watkins spoke for the Coalition of Innovative School Districts (CISD) and asserted that was […]

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Dreaming Big: Success in Kansas foster care! »

schwandt crop

By Dr. JAMIE SCHWANDT and AMBER BEACH HARDACRE I spent most of my small town Kansas childhood on the fast track to a life destined for failure. My parents were plagued with addiction, and because of that, I was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, and depression at an early age. This created an environment of limits—limited […]

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REVIEW: ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ is a Billboard hit, not a 5th Symphony »

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I’ll be the first to admit, I really came around on the first “Pitch Perfect” movie. I initially scored it a 4/6, but in the time since the film was released, it has easily climbed to a 5/6 in my books and it may or may not have seen repeated use when it was saved […]

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HAWVER: Democrats do GOP colleagues a solid in tax hike debate »


Ever do a little, polite, considerate favor for a friend, maybe trimming the grass on the sidewalk clear to your neighbor’s driveway, not just stopping at the property line? Well, we saw one of those little, considerate favors last week on the floor of the House when legislators debated that tax-increase bill, the one that […]

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Waymaster: From the Dome to Home »

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May 15, 2015 Troy L. Waymaster, State Representative, Kansas House District 109 Tax Plans Emerge With the ninetieth day of the Legislative Session looming, which was Saturday,May 16, we did see the emergence of two vastly different tax solution plans voted out of the House Taxation Committee. The first tax plan, House Bill 2430, is […]

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REVIEW: ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ a lovely romp through the wasteland »

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“Mad Max: Fury Road” is a volatile piece of filmmaking that may be taking second chair to “Pitch Perfect 2” in terms of box office numbers, but it has undoubtedly won both critical acclaim and the hearts and minds of long-time fans of the franchise. I will share in the critical acclaim for “Fury Road,” […]

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Hope and change in 2016 »

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The hope is gone, unless there is change! Anybody that reads me knows I am anti-Democrat and I make it clear why. I make no apologies. Readers should also know by now I have issues with Republicans in Washington also, but not near as many. In my writings, I have presented fact after fact why […]

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Exploring Kan. Outdoors: Primitive survival in modern times »


I used to have a book that showed numerous ways Native Americans accomplished tasks like trapping wolves and catching geese that were essential to their survival. Before the days of steel knives, firearms and grocery stores, they relied on knives, arrow heads, spear points and tools made from flint to kill and skin game, and […]

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Mixed intelligence on Iraq War persists »

email2 - letter

A big news story of this week became the Iraq war. The question of what we know today would you have started the invasion of Iraq? That question was asked of presidential candidate Jeb Bush. That became a difficult question for him as over a 4 day period he was still trying to explain himself. […]

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