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Dress for safety on the farm »

John Schlageck writes for the Kansas Farm Bureau.

What’s today’s fashionable farmer wearing to work? If you guessed any of the high fashions featured in GQ, Vanity Fair or Esquire, guess again. Looking good is great when you go to town but safety and comfort are more important when dressing for farm chores. Let’s begin with the head, after all that’s where thinking […]

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If you predict it long enough, you’ll be right! »

Tim Schumacher crop

The poor folks on Malaysian Flight 370 have perished, and many families have been devastated by the disappearance of their loved ones. No apparent answers are in sight. Each day, the news media have a new expert on TV to give their theory of what happened. Was it the pilots, the two individuals with fake […]

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Mainstream media’s huge disconnect »

Les Knoll crop

Let me get right to the point!  It is my opinion that the total disconnect between what most voters in this country want and what our current liberal Democrat government is doing has everything to do with media bias. Mainstream media is engaging, like never before, in presidential and political party complicity. If there are […]

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Unequal pay: The sad truth about teaching experience »


How can pay be unequal for male and female teachers of identical experience when there is only one uniform pay scale at each Unified School District? Each Kansas school district negotiates a salary base for teachers. The starting salary for a teacher fresh out of student teaching establishes this base. This scale then extends downward […]

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Professors endorse proposed social media policy »

email2 - letter

Dear Kansas Board of Regents, We write to offer strong support for the joint working group’s revision of the Kansas Board of Regents’ social media policy. The revised policy is laudable in several ways. First, it recognizes the unique and fundamental duty of public universities to contribute to the discovery, creation, and testing of new […]

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Due process change for teachers is worrisome »

Hineman crop

A week ago, the Kansas Legislature passed and sent to Governor Brownback a bill that provides court-ordered equity funding for public schools. The urgency of passing that legislation made it possible for certain factions to attach some policy items to the legislation which had not been through the committee process. One of those items was […]

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‘Draft Day’ is a good pick »

Gerstner James crop

I’ve never been a big sports guy, but I love a good football movie. As we’ve seen in recent years, a sports movie doesn’t have to focus on a big game or a trying season to be successful. “Draft Day” is similar to “Moneyball” in a lot of ways – it focuses on a general […]

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State revenue estimate will be critical for Brownback plan »


While most Kansans with real lives are wondering whether the lawnmower will start this year, a bunch of us Statehouse habitués will be waiting to see what is happening to the Kansas tax base. It’s called the Consensus Revenue Estimate, and it will be released later this week and will predict just what the state […]

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Put parent burn-out into perspective »

Linda Beech

Our children are a precious resource and parenting them is a full-time job. Sometimes being a parent can also be challenging, tiring, stressful and exhausting. Being an involved, committed parent takes a lot of energy — and sometimes that can lead to burn-out. But does this mean that parents are doomed to become cranky and […]

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Easy to be proud of Ellis student-athletes »

Dena crop

Oh, what a beautiful Friday! I hope you have enjoyed the sunny weather I ordered up just special for you all! I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to wear layers and sweatshirts at all times during the day, myself. I have to say “job well done” to all the Ellis athletes. The High School track […]

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When ‘money talks’ in campaigns, how loudly should it speak? »

Gene Policinski is senior vice president of the First Amendment Center

There’s little question that “money talks” as long as you can pay a bit more for a better service at a top restaurant or to get a first-class seat while traveling — but there’s an ongoing First Amendment battle over how loudly it should speak in politics. On April 2, the U.S. Supreme Court decided […]

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KIOGA: Let us do what we do best »

Cross crop

The American oil and natural gas industry has been a bright spot in our economy, with benefits felt across the nation and here in Kansas. Innovations spurred by small businesses and entrepreneurs have generated a domestic energy revolution. American oil and natural gas production is up because the small businesses that make up the independent […]

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Password protected? ‘Heartbleed’ bug and you »

Dallas Haselhorst

In case you missed it, a major flaw has been discovered in a number of websites and Internet-related services. I’ll emphasize the “and” because the issue itself goes beyond just navigating the web via your favorite web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.), although we will just focus on the website/browsing aspect considering that is […]

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