Screw-In Coffin? Is This Weird?

2012-11-14 07.00.03 am

Would you like to be screwed into the ground instead of buried? If you answered “Yes” or “What?” then you may want to check out what Donald Scruggs has to offer. Donald Scruggs is featured on a new PBS series called “Inventors” and has invented a screw-in coffin. It is essentially a lag bolt, 8 […]

Dad: Nebraska School Officials Want Deaf Boy To Change Sign Name


School officials in Nebraska are concerned about how a young boy signs his name. Hunter Spanjer is a 3-year-old deaf preschooler in Grand Island, Nebraska and School officials have complained that the deaf boy’s sign name – “Hunter” – resembles a gun. They want him to change the sign for his name, because his sign […]