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Hays Football Association results 10/13/12 »


Here are this weeks results on the final regular season games: 4th grade Burlington 27 @ Hays Gamblers 6 4th grade Hays Outlaws 20 @ Norton 21 5th grade Phillipsburg 0 @ Hays Gamblers 21 5th grade Hays Outlaws 21 @ Norton 14 6th grade Burlington 0 @ Hays Gamblers 41 6th grade Great Bend […]

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Hays Football Association/ results from 10-6-12 »


Here are the results from this past weekend (10/6/12) 3rd/4th Larned 12 – 0 over Hays Outlaws 3rd/4th Hays Gamblers 12 – 6 over Great Bend 5th grade Hays Gamblers 22 – Great Bend Red 6 5th grade Hays Outlaws 7 – Great Bend Black 24 Hays Outlaws 6th Grade beat Larned 47-6 Hays Gamblers […]

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Hays Football Association/ Results for Sept. 29th »


4th grade Hays Gamblers 0 @ Larned 29 4th grade Hays Outlaws 7 @ McPherson 13 5th grade Hays Gamblers 6 @ Phillipsburg 0 in overtime 5th grade Hays Outlaws 12 @ Colby 0 6th grade Hays Gamblers 31 @ Larned 0 6th grade Hays Outlaws 43 @ Goodland 0 7th grade Hays Enforcers 6 @ McPherson 38

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Western Kansas Football League Sept. 15 Results »

little league football

Here are the scores from the September 15th games. 4th Hays Gamblers 12 @ Goodland 20 4th Smoky Valley 15 @ Hays Outlaws 14 5th Colby 8 @ Hays Gamblers 16 5th McPherson 0 @ Hays Outlaws 8 6th Hays Gamblers 50 @ Goodland 0 6th Smoky Valley 6 @ Hays Outlaws 40 7th Salina […]

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Western Kansas Football League Sept. 8 Results »


Hays Team Scores from Sept. 8th games… 4th grade Oakley 13 @ Hays Gamblers 12 4th grade Hays Outlaws 6 @ Phillipsburg 12 5th grade Hays Gamblers 6 @ Smoky Valley 8 5th grade Hays Outlaws 12 @ Phillipsburg 0 6th grade Oakley 0 @ Hays Gamblers 34 6th grade Hays Outlaws 20 @ Colby […]

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Area Rainfall Totals »


Here are the rainfall totals called in to KAYS on Friday (8/24/2012)  Kansas State Research Center  .94   August total now 1.67 KAYS  1.05 Two and half miles West of Schoenchen  .90 9 miles East on Saline River Road in Ellis Co.   .50 Ellis  1.85 Prairie Acres  1.10 Victoria  .95 University Farm  1.20 Pfeifer […]

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  Aaron Tippin is performing at the Rooks County Fair on Friday, August 17th.  Eagle Radio’s Scott Boomer had a chance to visit with Aaron on the hayspost.com Hotline.       Aaron takes staying fit seriously.  So we started the interview by asking him if he is still working out. Aaron Tippin part 1 […]

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Dad is putting on the pounds! »

fat belly

Men that have children are packing on the pounds. On average, after their first child is born, dads will pack on 20 pounds. Experts say that a lack of time to exercise, more take out food and less sleep are to blame for the problem. A dad’s hectic schedule leaves little time for exercise and with […]

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The Eagle Morning Show with Boomer and Mike would like to say ” THANK YOU and GOD BLESS” to all the men and women serving and who have served our great country.

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Halloween 2011

  The EAGLE MORNING SHOW with Boomer and Mike would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween.    

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This list is from a website called Complex.com, here are the Top 24 Worst Halloween Candies.  I agree with most on the list… however I love candy corn and orange slices and they both made the worst list.  What do you think of the list? Are there any candies you can think of that should […]

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Mini Metallica (WATCH) »

mini metallica

World’s Youngest Metallica Cover Band                 This is a group of 8 to 10 year olds performing “Enter Sandman” at the Buckberry Beer Fest in the U.K.           I guess it’s an updated version of “The Little Rascals.”  Different hits for different times.   […]

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The Motorcycle Dog »


Gary Miller Never LeavesHis Dog Behind, They Go Everywhere Together! “ You Have To Watch This Video To Believe It! Gary Miller Got A Pretty Good Deal, When He Traded A Beer For His New Best Friend “Dawg” Many Years Ago, And Says “he’s Better Than A Girlfriend. What do you think?  

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