Incident results in short lockdown at Hays elementary school UPDATE

An incident Monday morning resulted in a short “lockdown” at Lincoln Elementary School.

Hays USD 489 said Lincoln officials were notified by the Hays Police Department at approximately 9:20 a.m. Monday of an incident occurring two blocks south of the school. Exterior doors were locked, and staff was instructed to keep students indoors. Anyone wishing to enter the school was required to call ahead.

According to the HPD, officers responded at 8:42 a.m. to a report of a suicidal subject armed with a gun near the school. Several streets also were blocked off until the woman was located and provided assistance. One firearm was recovered from a residence.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we worked through the situation this morning,” the HPD said in a news release Monday afternoon.

The lockdown lasted about 30 minutes until the incident was resolved, and students continued with regular activities, the district said in a letter to be sent to parents.

  • unbeliveable

    Just to set the record straight. At no time was anyone, including the “woman” in danger. I know this because I know this woman. What hays post did not include in the article is the fact that this whole thing was a sick fabrication by her soon to be ex husband. This being the 4th fictitious police report filed by her mentally unstable husband in the last 3 days. And by far the worst one. Although the lockdown at the school was understandable due to the nature of the report received by police. What hays post never seems to get right are the “True” details of the story. The story should read,” Bipolar, deranged sociopath husband able to fool local authorities into believing wife is the crazy one. ” Because in reality the woman was taken and evaluated and in no time it was determined that she was in fact Not Suicidal. The handgun she owned was purchased for self defense from her husband who has 2 convictions of domestic battery on her. And those are just the ones the police know about. So although this will probably go unnoticed by hays post. Maybe someone who can and is willing to help, will take a second look at what’s really going on here. And focus on who is responsible for the vicious lie which started this whole mess.