Hays man in custody after Saturday night SSRT response

The Hays Police Department’s Special Situation Response Team was called to a Hays residence Saturday.

According to a news release, HPD officers were searching for Tom Zimmerman, 54, Hays, who had allegedly committed several crimes that included burglary, theft, domestic battery and intimidation of a witness.

Later in the evening, the HPD received information Zimmerman was inside a residence at 201 E. 25th Street Terrace. It was also reported Zimmerman was making threats and was armed with an unknown type of rifle.

The Hays Police Department responded and began attempting to make contact with Zimmerman. The SSRT was called to the scene.

Th incident continued into the early morning hours Sunday before Zimmerman was apprehended without incident.

“The cooperation of the area residents was greatly appreciated and helped the police focus on successfully taking Zimmerman into custody,” the HPD said in the release Monday afternoon.

Zimmerman is being held in the Ellis County jail.

  • ?

    The militarization of police….I bet they had a armored truck with assault rifles and were wearing camo!

    • Guest

      I guess we should just let everyone do what they want so no one hates the police huh…until YOUR safety is in jeopardy!!

      • Yahooserious

        This is gun country. We can handle ourselves. Police are militarized. Shoot first. Ask questions later. That’s what the 4th amendment has come to. Unwarranted searches by bullet holes. Not to say this kid in Missouri didn’t deserve it. He seems like a hoodlum from the convenience store video. Police should ALWAYS have the right to decent themselves and all the “facts”
        Aren’t out yet. Either way, the police are not protect and serve anymore. They are harass and intimidate. What’s what their cruiser doors should say; to harass and intimidate.

        • passin_threw

          Who are they harassing here in town? Were they harassing old drunk Tom by intervening on his drunken threats?

        • conner

          you are so wrong. i live on the block where this incident took place. the police knocked on our door at 12:30 in the morning during this incident. they were very professional and utmost, and i mean utmost, #1 concerned about the safety of our family. they asked if we wanted them to transport our family to a motel. if not they asked us to please stay inside in the basement until the situation was resolved. thank GOD for our local police department. you idiots with your stupid gun country nonsense. you bet. everybody get out in the streets and start blasting. thank you again Hays Police Dept. for keeping our area safe during this ordeal.

        • Guest

          That’s why people get shot-because they think they can all handle it themselves, until there’s bullets flying everywhere! Smart….

    • Guest

      Should we just ignore the fact that this man has a prior felony conviction for armed robbery, for which he served prison time? (Had his teenage nephew with him for this incident and hung the kid out to dry. The kid served as much, if not more, prison time than Tom.) Should we also ignore the fact that he was arrested in July 2014 for alleged domestic battery while on Community Corrections for yet another felony offense? Just how much leeway should a violent offender receive before involving law enforcement or SWAT?