HPD officers line up for ALS challenge, let HHS students do the deed (VIDEO)

HPD Chief Don Scheibler's son, HHS student Dylan Scheibler does the honors while Asst. Chief of Police and 19 other officers wait their turn for the ALS Challenge.

HPD Chief Don Scheibler’s son, HHS student Dylan Scheibler does the honors while Asst. Chief of Police Brian Dawson and 19 other officers wait their turn for the ALS Challenge.

Hays Post

The Hays Police Department took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from the Hays Fire Department Friday morning at Hays High School.

With the FOX-TV show “Cops” theme blaring in the background–“Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you”– 21 HPD officers lined up in chairs in front of Hays High as the entire student body watched as 21 HHS staff and students poured buckets of ice water on each officer, one by one.

Prior to the challenge, Scheibler talked to the students about the importance of the ALS challenge saying the challenge was much more than “than dumping cold water on each other” but about coming together as a group to solve a problem.

Schiebler challenged the students to “everyday do something to improve yourself.”

Then, Scheibler challenged Principal Marty Straub and his administration to the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Instead of taking the challenge right then and there, Straub challenged the HHS students to a goal of their own.

“Raising money for a good cause is important.  I’m not really wild about being dumped on, to be honest with you,” Straub said, “but I am going to pay my $100 and not do it… unless this student body raises $1,000 this week to have us do it.”

HHS principal Marty Straub agrees to challenge once student body raised $1,000 this week for the ALS Association.

HHS principal Marty Straub agrees to the challenge if the student body raises $1,000 next week for the ALS Association.

The crowd roared and applauded.

Straub said he fully expects the students will raise the $1,000 or even more by the end of next week.

He said once the money is raised, names will be drawn from a hat and students or even parents of students “who are mad at me” can dump the water over his head.

All funds raised will go to the ALS Association.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a nationwide phenomenon and is a fundraiser for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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  • III%

    You should all get a ticket for waisting water

  • rob

    What a major waste of water, hays talks big about conservation but when it comes down to it, they are pathetic


    Will arrest you for watering your grass but will dump water on their own heads for no reason but to be trendy NICE!