KHP nabs Georgia man driving in the buff on I-70

Kansas Highway PatrolBy KARI BLURTON
Hays Post

A 42-year-old Georgia man is facing a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior after reportedly driving naked on Interstate 70 in Trego County.

According to Kansas Highway Patrol spokesman Tod Hileman, Trego County dispatchers received a call shortly after noon Thursday from a truck driver complaining a vehicle driven by a naked man kept passing him.

Once the vehicle would pass the truck driver, Hileman said, the naked driver would slow down and pass the trucker again and did so multiple times.

Hileman said KHP troopers quickly found the suspect and issued him a notice to appear in Trego County Court.

He added the arrest was for a misdemeanor offense, but would have been a felony had a child witnessed the incident.

  • Really?

    Really? Was the guy bored or something?

    • citizen

      Maybe he had smoked too much weed in Colorado and forgot he wasn’t wearing any clothes!!

      • Whatever

        Yes bacause weed makes u forget clothes. Pft. Never have I seen a stoned person strip naked let alone drive that way. I’d suspect booze or some other drug before I’d expect weed.

        • citizen

          So how many stoned people do you hang around with to know if they get naked. Whatever turns your crank!!

  • just wondering?

    If it was a woman doing it, would he have called it in.

  • Born naked

    It’s hot. Let the man go.