USD 489 board ratifies teacher contract, takes initial steps for 2015-16

Hays Post

The Hays USD 489 Board of Education voted to ratify the agreement with the Hays National Education Association at Monday’s USD 489 school board meeting.

The contract was overwhelming approved by teachers last week with 156 yes votes to 37 no votes. There was one abstention.

The contract includes a salary freeze for teachers, but does not include language regarding due process, which was eliminated by the Legislature in April as part of this spring’s school funding compromise.

Katt said he and members of the Hays NEA already are planning on trying to make next year’s negotiations process a smoother one which involves more “collaboration” and less “frustration” for everyone involved.

Personnel transactions, Aug. 18

Katt said he and members of the NEA plan to form multiple committees made up of teachers, administration and possibly school board members, who will work to gather data on such issues as insurance and calender days.

“I think that is the direction we need to go … with teachers, everyone and see where we are one and sit down and make committees and start this process real early and see where we are,” Katt said.

Hays NEA President Kim Schneweis told the board the formation of the committees can start as soon as possible.

The voting board members were board president James Leiker, Sarah Rankin, Lance Bickle and Danielle Long.

Board members Greg Schwartz, Josh Waddell and Marty Patterson were not present at the meeting.

  • Willy G

    No comment when the teachers keep their high pay and benefits. Guess that tells you who is posting negative comments on here.

    • Jim

      Where do you come up with this? Just because USD489 is short on money is NOT the teachers fault. Have you actually looked at their pay and considered their job requires a college degree and ongoing classes to keep their license? If you are wanting to change things up and pay the bare minimum to teachers at our schools in Hays, be prepared to get the bottom of the barrel and for them to not care at all for our students. The good teachers here will leave and the ones who get turned down everywhere else will come here.