Hays man involved in TMP lockdown in possession of loaded gun

hpd badgeBy KARI BLURTON
Hays Post

A 53-year-old Hays man is facing charges of criminal threat and criminal use of a weapon after leading the Hays Police Department on a pursuit that ended at the roadway entrance to the Thomas More Prep-Marian campus Thursday morning.

According to Chief Don Scheibler of the Hays Police Department, officers responded to a report of a man having a conflict with a local business and threatening to “harm himself and his landlord” at approximately 9:15 a.m.

Scheibler said the when police arrived, the man left the scene in his vehicle, leading to a pursuit.

According to Scheibler, an officer used his vehicle to cut the man off near the entrance of Victory Road leading to TMP.

TMP was immediately notified while the incident was taking place, causing the school to implement their crisis plan involving a campus intruder and went into lockdown mode.

Coincidentally, TMP staff had just practiced their crisis and lockdown plan Wednesday.

“I was very impressed with TMP and their staff and their response to this incident,” Scheibler said.

He said police found a loaded 9 mm handgun on the front seat of the man’s vehicle.

TMP’s first day of school is Monday, but activities were scheduled on campus Thursday. TMP reported the lockdown lasted only about 10 minutes.


  • unawsered question

    So from the time he stopped at TMP’s driveway till the time he was taken in to custody TMP was notified. Seems to me from the time he was stopped till the time he was taken in to custody was only seconds. huh. Really comes down to if you dont want incidents like this to happen at our schools don’t make the decision to end a pursuit at one

    • ThankfulHaysMom

      The person being pursued made the decision to flee, the cops decided to prevent him from causing any problems on a school campus.. They ended it as soon as they could. Are they just supposed to continue to follow him around 2 school campus’ and hope nothing happens? They prevented anything from happening by stopping it where they did.
      Also, it states TMP was notified immediately, and the lockdown lasted approximately 10 minutes. Taking a person into custody doesn’t happen in “seconds” and obviously the school waited to release the lockdown until they knew that EVERYTHING was safe.
      My thoughts are, thank you Hays PD for preventing anything from happening on either school campus in that area, and thank you to TMP for keeping the students and faculty/staff safe!

  • ???

    The police didn’t shut the pursuit down at the TMP entrance, the suspect stopped there!