Governor touts Kansas agriculture, tax cuts at Hays farm

Brownback1By NICK BUDD
Hays Post

Gov. Sam Brownback was in Hays on Thursday to visit with members of Hoffman Farms, Simpson Farm Enterprises and the Ellis County Farm Bureau at the Hoffman’s farm land, located east of Hays on Old U.S. 40.

Currently, the Hoffmans operate their farmland using “no-till and precision farming” where supplies are targeted at areas where crops will utilize them the most. The Hoffman’s use tools and technologies such as GPS, variable rate fertilizing, swath control, auto steering and site-specific soil sampling.

“Here is a multi-generational family farm operation that is using the latest technology to allow for very specific precision, up to a quarter of an inch to apply the right fertilizer judiciously and carefully,” Brownback said. “It’s beautiful to see the multi-generational approach, capital investment and the carefulness of the inputs because in the future of agriculture. We have to do more and more to conserve.”

The Hoffman’s obtained their Apache Sprayer and tractor from Simpson Farm Enterprises, and Brownback said they are a perfect example of how the state’s tax cuts can help businesses.

Brownback5Brownback6“The guys that are selling these sprayer units, they can plow these tax cuts back into their business so they can sell more business and hire more people,” Brownback said. “When we did the economic modeling on these tax cuts, we found that’s what produces the most jobs. And when you have jobs, people will come.”

Co-owner Jody Hoffman said having the governor come was “very humbling.”

The Hoffmans began farming in Ellis County in 1980 after meeting at Fort Hays State University. Their operation reaches into seven counties including Ellis, Russell and Rush. They raise wheat, sunflowers, sorghum, corn, soybeans,and feed grains.

  • Yahooserious

    Yeah because giving the “job creators” large tax breaks creates jobs. Might do your research on trickle down/supply side economics, mr. Governor. Didn’t work when Regan tried it, and hasn’t worked ever since then. What a failed ideology. But corps run government now. Expect more of the same from this bafoon.

  • bonkersc.

    i looked at the federal subsidy payouts online just now. a jody hoffman in hays is listed as receiving $403,418.00 in subsidy from 1995-2012. if that is you jody it is indeed “very humbling”.

  • Achoo son of a Sneeze

    Seen them out in the field yesterday while driving down Old 40. Should rename the title of article “Brownback stands in field with ten other people.”

  • comeon

    I’m betting brownbacks tax was less significant to Simpsons than USDA-NRCS’s EQIP and CSP programs…so to say smaller government helps folks in there business would be misleading