Thursday morning police pursuit leads to short lockdown at TMP

Thomas More Prep-Marian

At approximately 9:20 a.m. Thursday, a vehicle being pursued by local law enforcement turned onto the 17th Street entrance to the TMP-Marian campus.

School officials immediately implemented the crisis plan pertaining to a campus intruder and called for a lockdown.

All doors on campus were immediately locked remotely. When the vehicle stopped at the intersection between the 17th Street entrance and Victory Road, the suspect exited the vehicle. Local law enforcement quickly detained the suspect.

The entire incident took less than 10 minutes.

The first day of school at TMP is scheduled for Monday, although there were activities scheduled on campus Thursday.

  • Looking forward to it

    “The name and/or photo of the arrested suspect, as well as a reason for fleeing, may or may not be published on Hayspost, depending on the relationship between the suspect’s family and Eagle’s pocketbooks. There IS a good chance, however, that the arrest log with the suspect’s name (sans photos, because Hayspost is not as objective as Salinapost) will be posted in the middle of the page when it does make its way to public light.