HPD Activity Log, Aug. 7

The Hays Police Department made 11 animal calls and six traffic stops August 7, 2014, according to the HPD Activity Log.


01:08:12 AM
DUI – Driving Under the Influence; 2900 Blk Vine St, Hays

02:13:02 AM
Driving While Suspended/Revoked; 100 Blk E 8th St, Hays

03:29:24 AM
Abandoned Vehicle; 100 Blk W 5th St, Hays

08:25:48 AM
Animal At Large; 500 Blk E 8th St, Hays

08:41:05 AM
Animal At Large; 2700 Blk Willow St, Hays

09:54:54 AM
Found/Lost Property; Hays

11:46:25 AM
Suicidal Subject; 800 Blk E 8th St, Hays

11:57:02 AM
Assist – Other (not Motor Vehicle); 3600 Blk Vine St, Hays

01:23:49 PM
Animal At Large; 300 Blk E 23rd St, Hays

01:59:44 PM
Pursuit/Chase; 1000 Blk E 8th St, Hays

02:33:32 PM
Animal At Large; 1300 Blk Golden Belt Dr, Hays

03:51:25 PM
Found/Lost Property; 1100 Blk Country Club Dr, Hays

04:05:52 PM
Animal At Large; 600 Blk Vine St, Hays

05:00:28 PM
Assist – Other (not Motor Vehicle); 2500 Blk Vine St, Hays

04:45:00 PM
MV Accident-Private Property; 1900 Blk Vine St, Hays

05:12:30 PM
Found/Lost Property; Hays

05:12:57 PM
Suicidal Subject; 800 Blk E 8th St, Hays

05:27:07 PM
Assist – Other (not Motor Vehicle); 1000 Blk Fort St, Hays

05:25:39 PM
Abandoned Vehicle; 1300 Blk E 32nd St, Hays

06:21:30 PM
Lost Animals; 200 Blk Pershing Ct, Hays

09:29:35 PM
MV Accident-Hit and Run; 4300 Blk Vine St, Hays

09:35:58 PM
Disturbance – General; 600 Blk E 13th St, Hays

09:43:00 PM
MV Accident-City Street/Alley; 2060 Blk W 26th St, Hays

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