HFD responds to vehicle fire in driveway

Fire truck  HaysHays firefighters were called to the scene of a vehicle fire at 1712 Copper Creek Court Thursday evening at 5:51 p.m.

According to Fire Chief Gary Brown, police officers first on the scene reported the vehicle, sitting in the driveway, was “well-involved” in fire. As a precaution, off-duty firefighters and Ellis County EMS were called in case the fire spread to the house.

Firefighters were able to quickly get the vehicle fire under control.  It did not spread to the house.

Brown said the “quick-thinking residents discovered the car on fire in the attached garage and pushed it out into the driveway.”

The fire, most likely caused by an electrical short, caused heavy damage to the vehicle.

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    I just videotaped a police unit, a ladder, an engine and the shift commander running ELS going west on 27th street.

  • west 27th


  • Firefighter 521

    No you mean a truck company and an engine Company. Not a ladder

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    Well yes and no, since HFD only staffs 7 personel per shift: airport ff, lieutenant, captain, and 4 firefighters at station 1, it’s not a full engine or ladder company, I.e 4 men per truck, 4 men per engine.

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    Quick question tho I’m not bashing you, are you a HFD firefighter? If so can you tell me why I can’t get the local police fire and EMS scanner anymore?

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    They went digital

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  • Digital as in no radio? I’m so confused.

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    I was researching and there is no way for us to get any scanner feed from a digital system, it sucks because it’s a valuable tool for a lot of people.

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    You can still listen if you go and buy a police scanner.. Just can’t listen via internet.

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