POLL: Youth sports result in better employees? What do you think?

According to the Ithaca (N.Y.) Times, a recent study conducted by Kevin Kniffin, a behavioral science professor at Cornell University, shows athletes who played youth and high school sports make better employees and have better career opportunities than those who didn’t.

Read the entire story on the new study HERE, vote in the poll and tell us what you think.

  • Seems one sided

    After reading the article, I’d be curious to see if they also factored in family income for the student and what role that played in said student being able to focus solely on athletic achievements. I think saying that the success of a person 60+ years of age can be tied to sports is a bit of a stretch. I know there are traits learned in a team environment that transfer over to adulthood, but there are a lot more factors that play into a person’s financial and personal well-being than sports. Now, before I get a stream of “you’re an anti-sports doofus, get out of here” responses: I’m all for sports and I hope my children find joy in participating in team sports because I believe with proper coaching, there IS value in sports. I just don’t think this study (or the way it is portrayed in the article) properly illustrated or proved the point it’s claiming, that participation in sports equates to being better off in life.

  • Name

    Timing of this article in reference to USD 489 School Board meetings is rather coincidential…. not every student is an athlete….

    • Key to success

      If you really want to succeed in life, you better have a solid education. Unless you are the 1% that makes sports a career, you will be working at a job that needs smarts, not football skills. It’s crazy in this town that they put sports above all else and will fund it to the max and at all costs while education is going down the drain.

      • stone_cold_steve_austin

        You are correct that a solid education is one of the keys to success. You are also correct very few make their living in a career involving sports. However that is not what this article is about. It once again goes back to the fact that students that are involved in extracurricular activities as well as receiving a solid education tend to be more successful in their careers. People keep trying to twist this around that extracurriculars is a bad thing and not important in the education of our children. Those people are very wrong. A well rounded individual has much more chance to be successful in this world. You can have the best education in the world and still not be successful if you have no social skills, no problem solving skills, etc, etc.
        Bottom line is everyone is correct. The more students are involved in the better (to a point).
        Now for your comments that upset me and will upset others. USD 489 does not have “max” spending on sports. It is well within line of other districts our size. And every educator should be insulted by your comment of “education is going down the drain”. USD 489 education is excellent and hardly going down any drain. I believe you could possible choose better words to explain yourself.

        • Key to success

          Really? Class sizes now in the high 20’s. Cuts to band and music. Firing of 16 teachers. Cuts to number of para’s. Increased enrollment fees of $60 and an additional $50 on top of that if you are in middle or high school. Cuts to special education assistance for at risk students, even in grade school where it is very important. Cuts to teachers classroom budget with them being froze at the end of last year. Making kids bring in reams of copy paper because we have to limit copies per teacher and still don’t have enough money to buy supplies. Tell me where sports has seen any cuts now. Tell me how much someone pays in cold hard cash when they want to go out for a sport. I chose my words just fine. I never said our teachers were bad. It’s our choice of how we spend our money to educate our youth that’s bad and hurting us.

          • stone_cold_steve_austin

            This will all turn out fine. No need to kick up a bunch of dust. Seems like every year there is something that has everyone up in arms and it always turns out just fine. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I don’t think we should close the schools down just yet. Our children will be just fine.

          • Time for change

            1.3 million dollars in the red—-I’d say someone needs to kick up some dust. We also need some board members that can realize education should be before extra curricular sports. Keep going down this path and we’ll have kids that can’t even count change back at the checkout line. Oh wait, we already have that.