Nearly 900 Ellis Co. concealed carry applications

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

TOPEKA – The attorney general’s office received more than 14,000 applications for concealed carry licenses in the recently ended 2014 fiscal year, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said in a news release Monday.

There were 887 concealed carry applications in Ellis County from 2006 to 2014.

Click here for a list of applications by county.

Between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, the Concealed Carry Licensing Unit received 14,205 applications. This was the second-highest year on record, following the 25,316 applications received during the 2013 fiscal year. Since the licensing program first began in 2006, the office has received more than 90,000 applications.

“The concealed carry program continues to be popular for Kansas citizens interested in becoming trained and licensed to protect themselves and their families,” Schmidt said. “Our office will continue to administer this program in an efficient manner as the Legislature intended.”


Since taking office in 2011, Schmidt has expanded the number of states that recognize Kansas concealed carry permits from 24 to 36. A law passed last year by the Kansas Legislature, recommended by Attorney General Schmidt, allows all valid out-of-state permits to be recognized in Kansas when the non-resident permit holder is traveling temporarily in Kansas.

Click here for a list of licenses issued by county.

Currently, more than 83,000 Kansans have active concealed carry permits. More information on the concealed carry licensing program is available on the attorney general’s website at

  • alexander

    Whats next, a state licensing requirement to exercise your freedom of speech?

    • A_citizen_patriot

      So your for less gun control?

      • alexander

        I think the Second Amendment is pretty clear that we have the right to private nuclear and biological arsenals.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Yeah, cause everyone in the country is advocating for that.

          • alexander

            Wouldn’t want to stray too far from the crowd.

            Are you saying the Second Amendment doesn’t preserve our right to own and bear ARMS?

            Where precisely do YOU draw the line Pat?

            Are atom bombs not arms?

          • A_citizen_patriot

            The second amendment is referring to militias which are made up of ordinary citizens that provide their own weapons which are in common use at that time.

          • Impressed

            Wow, A_citizen_patriot. Never thought I’d see you advocating for gun control! Good on you for recognizing that the second amendment applies to organized militias made up of private citizens and not private citizens themselves. I’m impressed!

          • A_citizen_patriot

            That’s not what I said. I didn’t say organized militias. Maybe you should read the sentence again. A militia is made of citizens that supply their own weapons. Not sure how you misunderstood that.

          • Impressed

            Exactly! As the definition of militia clearly states:


            1 a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency
            b : a body of citizens organized for military service

            2: the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service

            which is why is why I’m applauding you for defending the Second Amendment only as a last resort when our current armed forces fail. What other explanation could there be? That the definition of “militia” has somehow radically changed since the authoring of the Bill of Rights? That is used to mean: “someone who happens to have a weapon of the kind in common use at the time?”

            Ha ha! You and I both know that’s just crazy talk. Good on you for advocating stronger gun control.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Why don’t you read the US code on the matter. You will find your incorrect.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            Taken from the Heller case.
            The court of appeals adopted a two-part test, under which a particular weapon is a Second Amendment “Arm[]” if it (i) bears a “reasonable relationship to the preservation or efficiency of a well regulated militia,” and (ii) is “of the kind in common use at the time”

      • Logic

        Gun Control laws do not work on criminals, they don’t care to follow the law….that’s why they are criminals. The only people who follow gun control laws are the law abiding citizen. The whole gun control situation is a oxymoron. You don’t need to look much further than Chicago, they have the toughest gun laws in the nation…….also the highest murder rate. A armed citizenry is what government and criminals fear most….harder to steal and push people around if they have the means to defend themselves.
        Can someone tell me where my logic fails please.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Im not arguing for gun control.

  • good guy with gun69

    Really does not matter what folks here think. We have the second amendment and Heller decision. Kansas has concealed carry law. I and 899 other Ellis County folk will be carrying, you won’t know, and it doesn’t matter what you think or “feel” about it. #agoodguywithgun.

    • Hmmmm

      886 others, actually. Apparently reading isn’t your forte. You don’t come off as a good person, either.

  • Lefty54

    I can see having a gun safely secured in your home to protect life and property. I have a hard time understanding why a person needs to carry a gun around Hays, America. Is there a carjacking problem in our fair city? Roving bands of bad guys on 8th Street? Drive-by shootings on Vine?
    The people that I know who get a concealed carry permit carry their gun for a few months and then realize there really is no point and just leave it at home.
    I guess there is no harm if you are a responsible gun owner but sooner or later the excitement wears off and you realize it is all just pretty silly to carry a gun around Hays or Victoria or Ellis.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      Well by that logic I guess our police don’t need a gun either. By the way, there is no excitement in carrying ( at least for me), I carry to protect myself and my family. I have been carrying for 2 years straight.

      • Lefty54

        That is not the same logic at all and you know it. Do you do traffic stops on I-70? Do you go on drug busts? Do you respond to domestic violence situations? Of course not. But police officers do. How many times have you and your family felt threatened? How many times have you unholstered your weapon? When was the last time you and your family felt found yourself in a threatening situation anywhere in Hays, Ellis county or the state of Kansas? Have you ever felt threatened in Dillons? In Home Depot? How about Freddy’s? Do you feel you need your gun in Freddy’s?

        • A_citizen_patriot

          No I haven’t felt threatened. But how many times is a cop present when some one robs a place? Now how many times are the civilians that are present when a place is robed? If a civilian has a gun they may be able to stop the robbery or any other intentions the criminal has.