Leiker named new Hays USD 489 board president

James Leiker

James Leiker

Hays Post

At the beginning of Monday’s Board of Education meeting, James Leiker was appointed the new USD 489 board president and Marty Patterson was named vice president.

As is customary, the first school board meeting in July is the reorganization session. Both Leiker and Patterson will serve one-year terms.

Leiker was serving as the board’s vice president and is a Democratic candidate for the state Legislature, as well. He is running in the 111th District against incumbent Rep. Sue Boldra, R-Hays.

Marty Patterson

Marty Patterson

Leiker was not present as Monday’s meeting, so Patterson immediately took what he laughingly called the “hot seat” as acting president for the remainder of the meeting.

Patterson told Hays Post he knew Leiker was going to be appointed the president, but said it was a nice surprise to be elected vice president.

“I feel privileged to be a part of the USD 489. I know sometimes talk gets negative here, but I am very pleased to have the nomination and pleased to serve,” Patterson said.

Leiker replaces Greg Schwartz as president, and Patterson is taking Leiker’s former role as vice president.

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  • 2730

    Wow. This article has been up for a good 30 minutes, and no one is bitching yet. What a shocker.

    • bowzer

      no need to bitch cause we all knows no matter who sets in the president’s seat greg is still the boss. nothing changes

      • Trapper

        Wow Bowzer. You must really hate Greg. Is this a result of some run in with him as an attorney or do you just think that he is the most powerful man in Hays? I doubt he has the ability to control six board members and an entire administration.

        • bowzer

          gosh no, i don’t hate greg. in the beginning he had some good ideas. but now i think he’s overstayed his visit. like a politician that’s been in office too long. i don’t know if he has the ability to control six board members and an administration but he acts like he can.

          • Trapper

            I see no difference in how he has acted since the start. He is very vocal, sometimes too vocal. I do not always agree with his positions on a lot of issues, but there are always questions being asked. I would much rather have someone questioning things than just accepting whatever they are told. I don’t need a politician that wants to vote yes or only support their administrator. It is great to supper the administration, but nobody does everything right such that the board should just vote yes because they say so. What do you see as the change?

          • Curious

            I heard they no longer allow the meetings to be videotaped. If that’s true, I wonder why? Only a very small percentage of Hays can or would attend so one would think, being an open meeting, it would be allowed for public view.

          • Trapper

            I heard the school board gave out $100 bills to the first 100 people that attended every meeting. This is great. You have no basis for your statement, it is completely wrong, but you assert it as “I heard” but discuss it as if it is fact. Curious if you really care about the truth?

          • Curious

            Always a strange post on here it seems. Anyway, I said I had heard they weren’t going to allow the meetings to be videotaped anymore. Who cares how I heard that. I asked an honest question. If you really want to know, I heard it from a media source in the area, so would assume there is substance behind it. Maybe they stopped for a few meetings and started back again? Your comment didn’t add anything of value or answer my question with an answer I could believe. You could have said that you attend every meeting and that it is still being taped for online viewing. Or you could have said that they no longer allow it to be viewed online or on tv as you used to watch it and it’s no longer being done. Anyway, my question is still up for anyone with factual knowledge to answer.

  • New beginning

    I believe Patterson is in it to do what’s right for the district. Leiker will bide his time till he can move on to bigger better things. Good luck to him. And for Schwartz, he has no ties to the district. Kennedy School for example. Big pusher not to keep that open (go to the newly estabished TMP Middle School). Good luck to the newly appointed officers.

    • Get it right

      Get your facts straight. Greg was one of only two board members to vote to keep Kennedy OPEN!

      • Yahooserious

        He was also a student of usd489(not sure your talking about that kind of “ties”). I went to hays high with him. A few years younger than him but I remember him. He’s also my attorney. He tells it like it is when I consult with him as a client. Haven’t watched much school board meetings though. I’m assuming he’s the same?

        • Trapper

          We don’t like people telling it like it is. I don’t want to hear the bad news. I only want you to tell me everything I do is great and it will all be all right. Quit discussing the business of the district, the truth is to hard to take.

      • Fred

        Get your facts Straight! Greg was against keeping Kennedy open and he used this as a means to help get Fred Kaufman fired, Fred K never wanted Kennedy closed because he knew TMP would open a middle school and he wanted to keep those funds in the school district.
        Greg used Kennedy and those parents and flipped once he had the board talked into closing Kennedy and he sat back knowing TMP was going to benefit as well as himself with the Kennedy parents and everyone that supported Kennedy backing him for re-election.
        These are the facts and all you need to do is ask previous BOE members who will tell you Greg threw them all under the bus for personal gain.
        You dont think I’m right well then ask yourself why is it that every single board member but 1 is a personal friend of Greg. He used to spout off how the BOE was a rubber stamp for Fred K, well he has done the same thing with a board that rubber stamps what Greg wants.