First Golden Egg found — but another will be hidden


The hunt for the Eagle Golden Egg lasted all but a day, after the egg was found. But the fun isn’t over yet.

In conjunction with the 2014 Wild West Festival, the winner will claim $500 after locating the Eagle Golden Egg. More details on the winner and where the egg was found will be available soon.

Eagle will to hide a second egg, and the first clue to its location will be posted HERE at 2 p.m. Thursday. The person who finds the second egg will receive $200.

Two clues will be posted each day — one at 9 a.m. and another at 2 p.m.

Click HERE to see the latest clues, official rules and all of the details.


  • DOlsen

    Ready For this one as well!

  • Eagle customer

    Instead of giving away Eagle subscriber money like eggs, T-shirt, and hats etc.. to friends of Eagle employees; just use this money to lower our monthly bill. We’re the ones paying for this nonsense! Thank you

    • Egg hunter

      Get off your couch and have a little fun! I, for one, look forward to taking my kids out searching for the egg. And with thousands of subscribers in multiple towns, you would only lower your bill by what….3 cents. By happy that they are involved in our community and are trying to make it exciting for people.

      • Eagle customer

        Yeah, I’ve seen their ad on TV…looks like most of them need to get off their couch. Three cents?…well its a start that’s never happened before!

      • DOlsen

        Good luck! There always has to be that “someone” that complains about everything…

  • customer as well

    It’s called marketing people! Every company does it!

  • http://Ladyfairway Ladyfairway

    I an happy for Dustin who found the first egg, but I am also grateful Eagle put a second egg out, it is great fun to hunt for it!