FHSU’s Martin on merger: ‘Dodge City is an imperative partnership’

Hays Post

In a recent interview, FHSU President Mirta Martin voiced her support for the proposed Dodge City Community College merger  with Fort Hays State University.



The college is considering a proposal to create an Institute of Applied Technology on the Dodge City campus, with FHSU offering some four-year degree programs. If the merger happens, DCCC would give up control of academics and administration to FHSU.

According to the proposal, the institute will “combine innovative technologies with innovative cooperative educational experiences for students, ultimately creating a more educated workforce that better suits the needs of employers and creates a mechanism for these students to more easily move into high-paying jobs they are qualified for.”

“I think the potential partnership at Dodge City is an imperative partnership,” Martin said. “That area does not have a senior institution. We can provide a very affordable way to reach and teach the citizens of southwest Kansas without having them leave their homes.

“We recognize the plethora of intellect, diversity, and opportunity that resides there and we’re looking to go ahead and  partner with them to create educational opportunities for citizens there so that we can go ahead and become the economic multiplier for the state,” she added.

The proposal still must be approved by the Legislature, Kansas Board of Regents, the governor and FHSU. The DCCC Board of Trustees recently reiterated its support for the proposal.

  • One side of the story

    How many jobs will be lost in Dodge when this “partnership” happens? I don’t think we are hearing all the details……… Can we get a better story on this?