Artificial turf garnering more interest with ongoing drought

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Despite recent rains, western Kansas still suffers from the effects of the extended drought — and many are looking for ways to save water and keep their lawn attractive. For some, artificial turf is the answer.

Turf lawn example

Turf lawn example

Trey Moeder, owner of ForeverLawn Western Kansas, said the interest in turf is on the rise in the area as more people move away from the typical seeded grass lawn.

The No. 1 benefit of turf, according to Moeder is water conservation. But, he added, with turf you will never have to fertilize or use weed preventer or herbicide on your lawn, making it “very low maintenance.”

There are a number of different kinds of turf products to choose from, and Moeder said the higher quality products are going to have relatively the same look and feel of a seeded lawn.

Companies offer different brands of turf that are constructed differently to fit consumer needs. Right now, according to Moeder, landscape grass is the most popular product being installed in western Kansas.

While interest in turf lawns is on the rise, one of the major barriers facing the turf industry right now is the price.

The average price, according to Moeder, runs between $6 and $12 per square foot, including all installation, labor and materials. The price varies with the quality of the product.

The turf is expected to last between seven to 10 years with very little maintenance, Moeder said. Depending on the amount of traffic, it can last even longer.

Moeder added that while the upfront price of turf might be a little bit of a shock, when you figure the amount of money you can save on water, the cost of mowing and fertilizing and general upkeep, that all adds up over time.

  • bones

    we just got some rain and according to some its the wettest summer in how could there be a drought, let the fireworks begin………… hope you can see the sarcasm in this post,

    • Chief59

      Even with all of the rains, we are still in a drought. We need a few more years of good rain to fix that. Drought is not a short term event. It can’t be fixed with two months of better than average rainfall. Some people get that, most don’t.

      However, fireworks should probably be okayed at this point.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        There is a difference between the drought and starting fires with fireworks. You need to have dry foliage, and I haven’t seen any for a while.

        • Just another point

          I agree, however, it is important to remember that if a fire were to some how start, then the water that would put it out is the same as our drinking water.

          • kris

            true and just because the creeks are full and the ground is wet has nothing to do with the areas were we get our water from the commissoners are looking long term not at a few hours of fun

          • A_citizen_patriot

            We do get water from big creek.

          • guest

            were do you live lol

        • Chief59

          You are correct, but I never debated that. I said fireworks should now be allowed. I don’t see the point of your argument.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            My point was its hard to start green grass on fire with fireworks.

  • Guest

    Congrats Trey and good luck with this new endeavor! I think this is a great option for Hays residents.

  • chief69

    This stuff is dangerous and unhealthy. Wonder how much water went into making this plastic? It produces no O2 to offset the carbon used to make it. I bet it would even catch on fire if one of those evil firecrackers went off next to it.

    • Mr Burns

      Flammability was gonna be my question, you beat me to it chief

  • Reality

    $20K for a 40×50 section of turf that “is expected to last between 7-10 years…” Suddenly, Buffalo or Bermuda grass seed looks like a bargain!

  • Anonymous

    This post isn’t about the fireworks ban…. Take your comments to the commissioners elsewhere! And if you think this stuff is so danger and unhealthy, simply don’t get it installed. It’s not like they don’t test this product just like any other product before they put it on the market. There are many many engineers who work behind the scenes to make sure stuff like that doesn’t happen just like in every other company out there.

  • ForeverLawn Western Kansas

    Artificial turf is not going to be for everyone. For the flammability comment, you answered your own question. It is a plastic product, it isn’t going to burn, but melt. Also, there is very little if any water used in manufacturing of turf. Facts are important to know before commenting on something negatively. Yes turf is expensive. Maintenance free always cost more. Look at composite decking and vinyl fencing… One has to weigh what their own time is worth, what maintenance costs for 10 years, ect. I will wrap this up with no one really looks at the full possibilities of turf. Lawns are only the scratch on the surface. How about using playground grass and safety system in your public parks to meet federal regulated fall heights. I know I don’t want my kids falling on mulch, risking a large sliver.. Or also knowing that when they are playing , that the fall height hasn’t been displaced due to traffic. K9 grass to make clean up easy, or sports grass for athletic needs. Thank you for all the positive support that I have received. Please direct any questions to 785-259-2602 ask for Trey