Commission agrees to airport renovation; construction to begin soon

Hays Post

At Thursday’s meeting, Hays City Commissioners voted in favor of entering into a contract with the Federal Aviation Administration for grant funding for renovations at the Hays Regional Airport terminal.

Hays Regional Airport

Hays Regional Airport

According to I.D. Creech, director of Public Works, upgrades include improvements to the mechanical and electrical systems, restrooms, walls and floors and the expansion of the TSA holding area. SkyWest Airlines is set to begin commercial service to Denver on Aug. 1, using 50-seat Bombardier-manufactured CRJ-200 turbojets.

The total cost for the terminal project will be $1,386,685, and the construction bid has been awarded to Paul-Wertenberger Construction of Hays. The FAA will pay for $920,133 and the city will fund the remaining amount of $466,552. The cost includes the construction of a temporary wall to allow the airport to hold the proper amount of passengers for SkyWest while construction is being done.

“We’ve identified the need to (Paul Wertenberger) to have this particular wall constructed by Aug. 1,Creech said, “but we can not guarantee that it will be done in time because the contract has not been signed quite yet.”

Creech said once the contract is signed, the city will begin finalizing details with Paul-Wertenberger.

“Other than regular maintenance, this would be the first major renovation to the airport terminal and there are some that are quite necessary in order to accommodate a regional jet,” Creech said.

He also mentioned that the project will be complete by January or February, depending upon when construction begins.

The commission also agreed to a $165,000 contract with Burns and McDowell to inspect and observe the renovations. The cost is included in the final price tag of $1,386,685. The FAA will pay for $98,010 and the city will be responsible for the remaining amount of $66,990.

Both items passed by a vote of 4-0. Mayor Henry Schwaller was absent.