City commission will consider employee bonus, airport contracts

Hays Post

The Hays City Commission is expected to vote on a one-time 2 percent bonus for some city employees at tonight’s city commission meeting.

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Assistant City Manager Paul Briseno said, if approved, the raise would affect approximately 51 employees, costing the city approximately $41,000. The raise will be based on weekly pay and will begin with the first payroll period of 2015. The reason behind the bonus as opposed to a normal pay increase, are negative sales tax projections for this year.

According to Briseno, when negative sales tax occurs, “no merit or cost-of-living adjustment is given the following year to prevent ongoing expenditures that are unsustainable.” When determining whether to give a pay increase, the city also looks at whether it is warranted by reviewing the the Consumer Price Index, other peer communities and local employers.

The commission will also consider on the FAA AIP grant for improvements to the Hays Regional Airport terminal. If approved, the FAA will provide approximately $920,000 of the project, and the city will be responsible for the remaining amount of $466,552. The construction will be done by Paul-Wertenberger Construction, Hays.

According to Director of Public Works I.D. Creech, improvements include the construction of a larger secure holding area, restroom renovations, a new bathroom inside the TSA holding area, improvements to the roof and HVAC systems, and some “spruce-ups” to the walls and floors of the airport terminal.

Creech also said that once everything is signed, the city will begin to work with Paul-Wertenberger to move the project along “as quickly as possible.” The commission will also vote on an engineering contract with Burns & McDowell. They will help oversee the renovations to make sure the construction complies with federal regulations set out by the FAA. That contract comes at a price tag of $165,000. Approximately $67,000 will be funded by the city and the remaining amount, $98,000 will by provided by the FAA. The engineering contract is included in the total price tag for the renovations of $1,385,185.

The commission also will consider:

• A commercial insurance renewal with BRIT Insurance, which will cost no more than $189,663. Other markets will be responsible for Crime and Equipment coverage in order to decrease costs.

• Awarding a contract to Shubert Heating & Air to replace the water plant boiler at a cost of $37,700.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.