Hays firefighters will train at park Saturday morning

Hays Kanas Fire Department

City of Hays firefighters will conduct pump operation and fire stream training Saturday at Hays Municipal Park.

The training will result in the 100 block of Main Street being obstructed from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Barricades will be in place, and motorists are asked to detour around this area.

The City of Hays Fire Department has reduced pump operations and fire streams training by 50 percent due to the ongoing drought and water warning condition. The training is in compliance with that reduction. Additionally, the training is done in public parks in order to use the water more effectively for both firefighter training and park grass irrigation.

  • Orpicka Name

    But they increased all other non-water training. Training past 7PM most nights, and till 10PM on Wednesdays. They are nice enough to call Great Bend Fire Department on Sundays for an hour of radio training. The City gets their money’s worth out of those guys for “less then a living wage”.

  • 24 Hours

    Firefighters work 24 hour shifts so they can basically train whenever they’re free. I really applaud them abiding by the water restrictions.