Ellis County residents warned of raffle scam(Update)


Hays Post

Ellis County residents are asked to be on the lookout for a scam involving a local Catholic school.

Earlier this week, a Hays resident was contacted about purchasing raffle tickets for a television, supposedly to benefit St. Mary’s School in Ellis. Father Richard Daise of the St. Mary’s Catholic Church said the call was a scam and no one from the church or school is conducting such a fundraiser raffle.

“We’re not doing anything like that,” he stressed. “(We) don’t want people to get taken in by this (scam).”

During the spring, St. Mary’s holds a parish auction, and Daise said people and businesses throughout the county are very good about supporting the auction — but he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt by something the church has nothing to do with.

Anyone who is contacted about the purported raffle should contact their local police department.

Earlier this year the TMP-Marian and Ellis soccer teams held a raffle for a television in an effort to raise funds to help fund the soccer program next season.

But the fundraiser ended when the television was given away at Riverfest last week.

  • For your information

    I believe this has to do with some Ellis soccer kids selling tickets for a tv.

  • Guest

    I believe the soccer fundraiser for the Ellis kids ended this past weekend when the winner was drawn. And it was not in conjunction with St Mary’s or any church.

  • Windy

    Indeed Ellis kids where selling raffle tickets for a 40 in Visio TV to help pay for the cost of getting to hays and back to play with the TMP team this coming fall and spring. The raffle ended on Saturday when they drew for a winner.

  • Hmmmm

    Why do the soccer kids need to have a raffle? The travel for this should be school funded as this is a school activity. No private funds needed. Besides, doesn’t Ellis have cross country and football? Why does a small school need to add another sport and travel for it? Just wondering.