National chains express interest in former Carlos O’Kelly’s building

Hays Post

Three entities have expressed interest in the building where Carlos O’Kelly’s was housed on Vine Street.


According to Michael Downing, the ReMax real estate agent representing the property, two national restaurant chains and one independent entity are in early negotiations to purchase the building. The identities were not available.

Downing said his agency has just begun marketing the property north of Interstate 70 and to get interest this early is “a bonus,” noting no deal is finalized.

“We have had good interest in the property and are excited to hopefully have one of them come through and get that place occupied again,” Downing said.

Carlos O’Kelly’s closed in early March because of a lease situation that made it “impossible to operate profitably” according to Dave Phillips, director of restaurant marketing for Carlos O’Kelly’s. The company offered all employees with at least a year of tenure a severance package and relocated members of the management team.

  • offended

    who writes this stuff? Check your grammer. “has just began”????

  • hmmm….

    I sure hope we can get more of the same crap we already have!! **Sarcasm** How about something Italian considering we dont have any available.

    • hmmmm

      Is Napoli’s not open anymore?

      • Reality

        Napolis has been closed for several months.

      • johnny

        perhaps this is why we don’t have Italian?

  • EnglishTeacher

    [W]ho writes this stuff? Check your gramm[a]r. “Has just began????” You’re welcome.

  • Beano

    Please let it be BWW!!

    • Agree!

      That would be awesome!

  • bozo the clown

    Napoli’s has been closed for a while now.

    Probably same old same old like Chili’s or TGI Friday’s, but Old Chicago would be good.

  • Buffet

    I’d love an asian buffet restaurant like Salina has. Lots of hot, fresh choices, including sushi. There are a ton of items to choose from on their buffet and it’s not lunch left overs when you are there for supper.

    • hmmmm

      I don’t know if I would call sushi on a buffet “fresh”. But I do agree a good Asian place would be good. I would like to see BWW or a good Japanese steak house

      • A_citizen_patriot

        There is a good Chinese restaurant on vine ( China Garden )

        • Buffet

          I won’t post anything specific to publicly call out a local restaurant. But knowing what I know first hand, I won’t eat there. It also does not have a buffet which is what I would like. The one in Salina is very clean, always has hot & fresh food, and the sushi is made fresh right in front of you. We do have a large Asian population with FHSU, so one would think it would go over good. And the Hays community would like it, it’s just most of us are particular (and rightly so) in having it run clean with fresh food on the line.

        • guest

          If you consider that road kill good need to get out more ! Perhaps throw caution to the wind and venture to Denver, KC , or even Wichita for some real Asian food..

          • A_citizen_patriot

            I do consider it good food. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        • Chief59

          China Garden is great. The one on Main Street is also very good, as is the one in the mall. As long as you stay away from the Great Wall Buffet, or whatever it currently is called, there is very good Chinese food in this town.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            I got sick once after eating at the Great Wall. Not saying it was there food, but I have never gone back. The mall and one on main street I would agree are very good.

      • smoyer

        If we get a new Asian place i’d love it to be AUTHENTIC not super westernized like most of it is now. The asian food that they serve at Schillecis seems real authentic and it tastes so fresh I wish we could another place like that with longer hours and not just lunch. Otherwise having a Spangles move to town or something with novelty or something of a different category other than steakhouse, bar and grill and burgers. Somewhere vegetarian and vegan friendly would be popular.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          I don’t see a vegan restaurant doing well in cattle country.

          • smoyer

            i know at least a dozen vegan/vegetarian people who would love more options to eat out at in Hays. I think it would do well if done right.

        • Chief59

          Spangles would not be much different than what is currently offered in Hays. Freddy’s is a similar type of fast food restaurant. I would LOVE a Buffalo Wild Wings, but fear they wouldn’t come out here. If they do, they’ll probably underestimate it’s draw and make it too small. The only thing worse than not having a BWW would be having one that you can’t get in to.

          I do agree that Schillecis is delicious, but could use longer hours. It would also be great if they accepted credit/debit cards.

    • Chief59

      We have a fantastic sushi restaurant right here in Hays already. If the long waits there (always a packed house there) aren’t your thing, order carry out. They normally have it ready to pick up in about twenty minutes.

      • stone_cold_steve_austin

        A topic we can agree on.

        • Chief59

          Differing political beliefs don’t make us completely different people. Regardless of affiliations, everyone can enjoy a great Nightmare, or Jersey, or Shag roll. Mmmm…guess I know what I want for lunch today.

    • smoyer

      we used to have a “fresh” asian buffet that had a sushi bar but was closed down TWICE by the food inspectors and now gamestop occupies their location.

    • Yahooserious

      Yeah the Hong Kong buffet in Salina is awesome. I’d go for something like that.

      • googleserious

        How about a buffet of buffets?

  • Let it sit empty

    Hope it sits empty. Greed in this town is what shut it down. Wonder if it the same greedy person that owns the property Hibbetts built on. That property looks awful. Cost too much to spray weeds?

    • Chief59

      Are the property owners of the lot that Carlos O’Kellys occupied local? I was under the impression they were not. Same as the Centennial Mall and The Mall owners. It seems like the most egregious rent prices are the ones on property owned by people who don’t even live here.

  • Big Girl


    (Vice President Information Technology of local energy company), 44, Hays, was arrested at 10:33 p.m. June 4 in the 3800 block of Post Road on suspicion of domestic battery.
    Why was the above in the Hays Daily News two consecutive nights and this individuals name and photo did not appear in the Hays Post? At the same time a black male, same age was charged with a similar incident and his photo and circumstances appeared on the Hays Post.
    Discrimination, racism,…?
    Hays Post can you answer my question?

    • um?

      What does this have to do with the Carlos building?

      • ZMan

        Sounds like she’s on a mission to publicly shame this person. She posted the same thing in another unrelated story.

      • Chief59

        Nothing, Gossip Girl is just on her soapbox again. I’m waiting for how she spins this to blame it on teachers.

  • Delanc

    I’ve heard rumors that the most likely possibilities are Buffalo Wild Wings and Old Chicago.

  • GB1978

    remember that the Montana Mike’s building is still empty