Fireworks ban remains in Ellis County

fireworksban croppedThe Ellis County Commission elected to keep the current ban in place on fireworks in rural Ellis County at Monday evening’s commission meeting.

A resolution allowing the commission to ease some restrictions on setting off fireworks in the county, while still keeping the ban on the sale and purchase intact was presented to the commission. But they chose to take that up at a later meeting and keep the current ban in place.

Commissioner Swede Holmgren said the rural fire departments are already stressed from responding to the rash of fires earlier this year.

Last week, the Ellis City Council reaffirmed its ban on fireworks within the city.

The City of Hays will have a discussion on fireworks at Thursday night’s work session meeting.

  • citizen

    Smart decision, the drought is far from being over. The rains have been great, but we need much more. Instead of spending money on a firecracker, give to a charity. Money much better spent!!