Rain flow being monitored at 27th and Cottonwood Lane (VIDEO)

The detention pond at Van Doren pond, 27th and Cottonwood Lane, Hays, during Monday afternoon’s rain.

Hays Post

With light rain still falling at mid-day in Hays, water levels are being monitored in the pond located north of 27th Street and adjacent to Cottonwood Lane, commonly called “Van Doren Pond.”

“It seems to be doing okay for now, as long as the rain stays steady like it has been,” said Nick Willis, Hays Assistant Director of Utilities. He had just finished walking the along the detention pond on the south end, next to 27th Street, about 2:30 p.m.

“It’s pretty full, but it hasn’t topped the overflow structure,” he said.

Willis and other city workers are paying close attention to the situation, but he said he won’t necessarily have to be on site all night:

Rainfall since midnight as measured at 4 p.m. at the Eagle Media Center, 2300 Hall, is 2.76 inches.

  • sammy

    my question is this. why can’t we save this water someplace? anyplace in Ellis County that we could dam up and make us a nice lake. when nature gives us this water why not save some of it? it all runs down east and eventually ends up in kanapolis lake.

    • Fishing time

      Naw….that makes too much sense and doesn’t cost that much. I’m going for the multi-million dollar pipeline to Edwards county ranch for our water solution. Truthfully though, it would be nice to have even just a few acre ‘lake’ like Plainville has where you can picnic, fish, paddleboat, BBQ, spend time with the kids, nature walk, etc. For the $500,000 alone we spent on painting white lines for a bike trail, maybe we could have had this.

      • sammy

        fishin time that’s what i’m talking about. there has to be someplace we can create a nice lake. someplace families can go but also a helpful water supply when times get tough. but your right. our commission doesn’t think along those lines. was worth a try though.