‘Strict process’ required for upcoming USD 489 mail-in ballot (VIDEO)

mail ballotBy BECKY KISER
Hays Post

The upcoming mail-in election for USD 489 constituents requires a “strict procedure” for Ellis County Clerk Donna Maskus.

“The process has to be approved by the secretary of state,” according to Maskus.

Her 86-page plan was submitted to Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on April 27 and has been approved.

The “Mail Ballot Election for USD 489″ will be held Friday, June 27. That’s the day mail-in ballots must be received in the county clerk’s office by noon.

The 13,660 ballots will be mailed to “active voters” in USD 489 June 10 and should arrive in local mailboxes June 11.

Ballots must be marked “Yes” or “No” to the question of whether the Hays USD 489 Local Option Budget should be increased 1 percent.

Maskus reminded voters they must also sign the ballot and include their permanent mailing address on the outside of the envelope:

Unlike an election at the polls, the votes can be counted as soon as they arrive in the county clerk’s office between June 11 and June 27.

Office staff will be hand-tallying the ballots during regular business hours.

“Because USD 489 is paying  for the election costs, we’re hoping to save them a little money by not having to hire any additional help,” Maskus said.

Maskus is unsure when the final results will be available.

“It’s possible we won’t be done until after June 27.”



  • mumps

    hoping to save USD 489 some money??? don’t worry about that. the foolish way they’ve been spending on stupid projects as well as hiring $60,000 consultants it won’t matter to them.

    • Measles

      You make no sense at all

      • johnson

        no more sense than the school board’s wasteful spending

        • Need a new board

          We could use a new round of school board members. They haven’t been making very sound decisions. They are their to promote the education of our children and make sensible financial decisions. They wasted $60,000 on an ‘advisor’….which was probably for a few hours of his time, fired a lot of our teachers, increased enrollment yet again, and kept virtually all funding intact for sports. Other districts are laughing at how inept our board is.