USD 489 board member Leiker files for state 111th District seat

James Leiker, Hays

James Leiker, Hays

Hays Post

Hays resident James Leiker has filed to run on the Democratic ticket for the Kansas 111th district that includes Hays and Victoria.

“The past number of months, I’ve been approached about it by various people. I sat down and looked at it and it makes sense,” Leiker told Hays Post Friday.

He filed the paperwork in Topeka on Thursday, and it became official today. Rep. Sue Boldra, R-Hays, is the current 111th District representative.

Leiker, 31, has served as a USD 489 Hays school board member for nearly three years and is currently the vice president.

“So many of the school board issues have a lot to do with state funding and we have no local control over that,” Leiker said. “I want to bring state funding back to our schools.”

“I also have a strong water background, which is helpful,” said Leiker, who has worked as a Kansas State Research and Extension Watershed Project Technician.

Leiker and his wife, Tayrn — both employed by Genesis PURE Corp. — have two children, ages 9 and 5, who will both be attending Wilson School this fall.

If he is elected, Leiker said he would have to “give up his school board seat in January” when the Legislature convenes.

  • real winner

    do we really need someone gullible enough to make a pyramid scheme their “occupation”

    • Stick to the Facts

      I’m sure it actually is not a pyramid scheme, and his occupation isn’t a reflection on what he may bring to the elected office. The focus should be on what he has done with the school board or his experience as an Extension Watershed Project Technician in the past.

      • The fax

        Genesis Pure is multi level marketing, aka a pyramid scheme, it has a D+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

      • Big Girl

        Of course his occupation and life experiences are a reflection of what he may bring to an elected office. The focus should be on what he has done with the school board…a follower. Right now the BOE president is leading him around BOE business by a nose ring. What exactly is an “Extension Watershed Project Technician”… a water boy?

    • Chris

      Gullible if you are on the bottom of the pyramid, an entrepreneur if you are at the top.

    • money runs the game

      if you could make more money, have more opportunities overall, and more free time, wouldn’t you reconsider your occupation? regardless of what it is?

      • wacky wild kool aid style

        sounds like a pitch to expand the pyramid base….silly Kool-Aid, drinker. making money selling 11 herbs and spices to those who pay to sell your snake oil is not an occupation.

  • winner winner

    A Democrat running against the Republican conservative Boldra machine. Not a chance in this neck of the woods.

    • alexander

      Her Democratic opponent took 45% of the vote in 2012, and she has managed to piss off a good amount of people with her voting record.
      A distinct voting shift took place in this county in 2012. I’ll need to see more evidence before I consider this the new “norm” and not just a singular aberration.