Planned Parenthood closes Hays clinic after ruling

Planned-Parenthood-001WICHITA (AP) — Planned Parenthood will be closing its Hays health center to save its larger Wichita clinic in wake of an appeals court ruling that let Kansas strip federal family planning funding.

The organization also said Friday it will no longer be able to provide free contraceptives and other no-cost medical services to low-income patients in Wichita without the federal money.

The Hays clinic will close its doors on June 30. The clinic manager and a nurse practitioner will lose their jobs.

No staff cuts are planned at the Wichita clinic.

An appeals court panel in March overturned a federal judge’s ruling that had temporarily kept Planned Parenthood’s funding intact. Planned Parenthood then dropped its legal challenge.

More than 5,700 people receive health care services at the Hays and Wichita clinics.

  • Good


    • Chris

      Ahh, such an eloquently worded response. Perhaps you will enlighten us on why this is such a ‘GOOD!!!!!’ thing? I’ll prepare myself for the usual talking points that will detail your ignorance on what the organization actually does.

      “They killz da babies!”

      • Chief59

        Talking points is all they have. These type of people don’t really know why they hate something, they just do as they’ve been told.

        • good

          Abortion and covering up rapes is why I don’t care for them.

          • Chief59

            Those two things have zero to do with our local Planned Parenthood. By being blad they are closing, you are basically wishing ill on those who can’t afford the regular medical care most of us have. Shame on you.

          • Chief59

            Also, if you don’t want abortion, then a place that gives FREE CONTRACEPTION is probably a good thing, don’t you think?

      • Reality

        “They took-er jobs”

    • Chief59

      It’s good that women now have to spend more money to have simple health procedures? Regular checkups and health services will now cost local women more money, as Planned Parenthood did these for a low cost. Saying “Good” really only shows your stupidity.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        You know Chief I enjoy our debates, but when you resort to calling people stupid it does nothing but nullify your argument.

        • Chief59

          I truly feel it fits in this case. People who believe Planned Parenthood is the boogeyman are absolutely clueless.

          • Mary Walker

            After I found out I was pregnant w/my son, I called PP in Hays to find out what prenatal services they offered. I was told that unless I wanted a “termination” they couldn’t help me.

          • Chris

            That sounds like you are telling about half the story. Some smaller clinics do not have the equipment for prenatal services. Planned Parenthood isn’t a prenatal care provider, however they would refer you
            to available OBGYNs in the area.

            PP is about reproductive education, reproductive health, and such things as PAP smears and bre.ast exams.

          • Mary Walker

            That is the whole story. A very short phone call, but PP did tell me to call the OBGYN services at Hays Med for prenatal care, incidentally the same referral that student health services on campus gave me. I was curious about what prenatal services could be had at PP because the clinic was closer to my apartment at the time.

    • Guest

      This is an atrocity. Let’s not forget that Hays is a college town and many of the students (both men and women) don’t have the means or opportunity to establish themselves with a family practitioner for the short time they’re here. Planned Parenthood offered a way for them to get annual preventative exams, cancer and STD screenings, and birth control if they sought it.

      • Big Girl

        Many will not be capable of affording and will do without. Atrocity is an understatement!

      • Guest

        Student Health Center

        • Chris

          Not all individuals under the age of 25 in Hays are students, thus, student health is not an option.

          • Mary Walker

            I was a non-traditional student, aged 28, when I found out I was pregnant w/my son. I got a pregnancy test and a referral to an OBGYN from the student health center. You don’t have to be 25 and under to go there.

          • Chris

            That wasn’t the point. I am well aware that you don’t have to be under 25…

            College aged kids are generally 25 and under. However, just being in this age bracket does not mean you’re a student, thus negating the previous comment about student health.

            The point was that Student Health is available for STUDENTS. There are lots of individuals of “college age” that would benefit from Planned Parenthood.

            Sorry to confuse you, Mary.

  • RN

    Sure. Take away women’s health care. That is perfect. When you don’t know what services are provided and who is served, don’t comment. People lost jobs and services. A sad day for Hays. A worse day for teens who need protection and a place to turn for help.

  • Sad

    Too bad politics, attorneys, and the self righteous have led to this. A few people thinking they can enforce their will onto others, now people in our area will have one less resource and a few people will lose their jobs.

    • A_citizen_patriot

      Get use to it, there are a lot of things that a few people force on to others.

      • alexander

        Get used to it?

        Tell yourself that every time you come here to piss and moan about Obama and the Democrats.

        Tough luck, get used it.

      • alexander

        Your support of efforts to circumvent a woman’s Constitutional right to have all the abortions she could ever desire seems to run counter to all your Gun-Issue talking points.

        If your worst imagined nightmares were to ever come true, and your guns were taken away, I would gladly volunteer to remind you to get used to your tough luck.

        • A_citizen_patriot

          Last time I checked there was not amendment that supported a woman’s right to have a abortion. Perhaps you should try reading the constitution.

          • alexander

            Somebody has never read the Ninth Amendment it would appear.

            Give it a go, it’s short and to the point, and shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours.

            Then, feel free to get used to getting used to it.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            The 9th was included in the bill of rights so that the government couldn’t say that the bill of rights are the only rights you get. SO yes I suspose you could stretch it that far as to say abortion is covered. But then you could include the right to steal from the rich. Since you think everything should be included in the 9th.

          • alexander

            “Since you think everything should be included in the 9th.”

            Freedom isn’t free or easy.

            Get used to it.

          • alexander

            “But then you could include the right to steal from the rich.”

            Very telling that manner in which you have to qualify that one.

            Is stealing only bad when it is done unto the rich?

            Why did you feel it necessary to make that particular distinction?

            It implies you don’t feel stealing from the poor is as reprehensible an action.

  • passin_threw

    5700 people between Hays and Wichita? I figured there were more than 300 people using the Hays clinic. No wonder they can’t keep the doors open

  • BS

    Blind Sheep, B-A-A-A-D

  • Ashamed

    What a shame!! Instead of doing something to educate and help women we will end up with another fake art studio.


    Its time to build some more cribs, we are going to need them down at the Mary Elizabeth home, thank you very munch

    • Mary Walker

      I’d be happy to contribute money to the home. Got an address?

      • Guest

        Mary Elizabeth Maternity Home
        204 W 7th St, Hays, KS 67601

  • Yess!

    Score one for the Pro-Life movement!

  • JanayMarie

    All I can say is I made it through college and part of my adult life with out insurance and was able to afford my reproductive care with a minimum wage job part time job with out having to ever visit a planned parenthood. Are people not aware them don’t have to go to planned parenthood? Plus now the affordable care act covers all preventative care so screenings and yearlies for women are free. Oh ya, not to mention most antibiotics and birth control are super discounted at large retailers pharmacies.

  • Madison

    This makes me enraged. They offer preventive services so you don’t have to terminate pregnancies. People are just going to go to greater lengths to get the same results they would have gotten at PP. Taking contraceptives and terminations away won’t stop humans from participating in the same activities they were before.