A big ‘thank you’ goes to Hays liquor licensees, employees

The Hays community launched the Fake or Borrowed ID 101 project in January of this year and, five months later, several successful enforcement operations have occurred with minimal infractions.

However, the efforts of many Fake ID project partners and local liquor licensees cannot go without recognition for the success of the project.

The Fake or Borrowed ID project was intended to provide multiple waves of education and awareness about the legal consequences related to minors possessing or obtaining a fake, borrowed or altered ID in order to access alcohol. Media and information
dissemination stints were followed up with a wide range of law enforcement operations implemented during high-risk times for underage drinking to occur or during large-scale community-sponsored events.

Enforcement operations consisted of officers from a number of agencies collaborating to conduct organized controlled buys, Cop N Shops and bar checks, as well as offering individual liquor licensees consultation on a number of related topics. Five enforcement operation stints have been held and the following violations occurred: 11 minors in Possession, one furnishing to a minor, one CMB violation, one disorderly, one False ID, one warrant arrest, and two administrative citations.

Law enforcement partners noted that Fake IDs are not as prevalent nowadays as they may have been five or 10 years ago due to all of the security features built into the state-issued IDs that make them difficult to replicate; however, borrowed IDs seems to be
the bigger issue these days. ID checking practices among alcohol licensees and employees is a very important step in deterring underage alcohol purchases and consumption.

Fake ID project partners would like to thank the business community, specifically bars, liquor stores and convenience stores that were targeted by the enforcement operations for abiding by the law in preventing youth access to alcohol, as well as, being supportive partners in the additional enforcement checks that occurred and posting Fake ID signage in efforts to decrease and deter Fake or Borrowed ID usage.

Additionally, a thank you goes out to Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office and Kansas Department of Transportation for the grant award and technical support offered, as well as, local partners including Alcohol Beverage Control, Hays Police Department, FHSU
Police and the Regional Prevention Center.