Volunteers, donors make Ellis blood drive a success

Thank you, thank you, thank you! To all my donors and volunteers at the blood drive yesterday, thank you! My volunteers, Wade, Terry, JoAnn, Aspen D., Millie, Brenda, Chavonne and Mike, you guys are truly life savers. To all my donors, way to go. You saved a life, and I appreciate that.

Dena Patee is executive director of Ellis Alliance.

Dena Patee is executive director of Ellis Alliance.

I was finally able to donate yesterday — my iron level was up over 13. Whoop, whoop! The last two times I tried, my iron had tanked, but this time, I got it done. A special thanks to JoAnn for making our Life Saver cupcakes for our donors. They are so good! Come donate on July 22 and you can have one. Thanks again, everyone!

Today is the day kids dream about — the last day of school! Awards and fun day at the grade school level, a historical bike tour for the 7th graders and relaxation for the 8th grade.  Congratulations to the 8th grade, you are on to the next step in your education. Good luck and we’re all behind you! High school students are finishing up the last touches and seniors, congratulations as well. Whether you are continuing your education or joining the workforce, put your heart and soul into what you love and make every day better than the day before.

Just because school is out doesn’t mean that the activities slow down any. Baseball, softball, summer track, 4-H, and many other activities will soon be at the forefront of our minds. Do your best, no matter what, and make yourself proud of the job you do.

Garage sale weekend is quickly approaching, June 7! Get those closets and hidey-holes cleaned out and join the fun of the biggest and best garage sale of Western Kansas. Call the Chamber office at (785) 726-2660 to get listed on the map!  Where else can you spend only $8 and have your garage sale advertised from Colby to Hays and North to the Nebraska Line? Only in Ellis, that’s where!

So you say you don’t like to garage sale? I have a second option for you! The Walter P. Chrysler Car Show will also take place on June 7 at North Chrysler Park in downtown Ellis. Stop by, mill around and talk with all the other motor-heads! I’m sure you’ll find at least one or two cars you’d like to have in your driveway. There you go, garage sales and a car show all in one place, all at one time. You can’t beat a deal like that!

The Battle on Big Creek (aka Riverfest) is June 14 in North and South Chrysler Parks. Come down and bring the family for a great time of games, food, music and friends.  We have some new and very exciting additions to our lineup this year. Rocket launching starts at 9am behind the High School on South Monroe and the doubles horseshoe tournament begins at 1pm. I’ll let you in on all the details soon!

Finally, another thank you goes out to all of you that have been trying to get ahold of me in the office. Thank you for your patience and understanding that life with kids in sports and school does tend to wreak havoc on general life and work times. You (and my bosses) allow me more freedom than most and I do appreciate all of you for putting up with me. Things should get a little more back to normal and I should be in the office a lot more. If you ever find a note that says I’m not in the office and I have my cell phone number on it, please call me! Sometimes that’s the best way to find me and I don’t mind!

Well, I think that’s it for today. You all have a great day, and yes, I’m in and out again today.  But, give me a holler if you need me and never be shy about stopping me where you see me and letting me know what you need!

Make today better than yesterday!

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    I heard someone had a appointment at 5:30pm and when they showed up the Red Cross was packing up all there stuff…..I guess they don’t need the blood all that bad!