KFIX Rock News: Mick Jagger Becomes A Great-Grandfather

micklogoBack in 1974, The Rolling Stones released a song called “Time Waits for No One,” and that sentiment seems truer than ever now with word that singer Mick Jagger has just become a great-grandfather.

Jagger’s 21-year-old granddaughter, Assisi Jackson, has revealed to U.K. magazine Hello! that she recently gave birth to a daughter with her boyfriend, chef Alex Key.

Asked about her rock star grandfather’s reaction to the big news, Assisi tells Hello!, “I imagine it’s nice to be a great-grandad — although I’m not sure he likes the idea of getting old, or being called one.”

She adds, “I call him Mick — I wouldn’t start calling him Grandpa.”

Assisi is the oldest daughter of Jade Jagger, who is the only child Mick, who is 70, had with his first wife, Bianca.  Interestingly, Jade, who was only 20 when she gave birth to Assisi, is expecting another child of her own — a boy — in June.

About her daughter’s new role as a parent, Jade tells Hello!, “She’ll be a perfect mum.  Assisi is a level-headed, sweet girl and I think it will give [her and the baby's father] both a lot of pleasure.”

As for why she decided to become a mom at such an early age, Assisi says, “The women in our family just tend to have children young, it runs in the genes.  I grew up quite quickly and wouldn’t have considered having a child if I was doing what my friends are doing at this stage, messing around.”

She adds that she doesn’t drink or smoke, and considers herself “very settled.”

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