U.S. News & World Report gives Hays High a bronze medal

Hays High

Hays High School received a bronze ranking in a national study of public high schools.

The report, compiled by U.S. News & World report, compares reading and math scores, as well as teacher-to-student ratios and college readiness factors. The bronze rating places Hays High in approximately the top quarter of all schools surveyed.

To view the report, click HERE.

In Kansas, the top-ranked high school was Wichita East High School, with Liberal coming in second.

  • Proud Citizen

    Thank you, Hays Post, for publishing an article that shows our community that we do indeed have a quality public school system! There are many great things happening in USD 489, and it’s sad that so many people want to focus on the negatives. Congratulations, not only to the students, but also to their teachers that have been dedicated in providing our children with quality education from elementary through high school. If we want Hays to continue to attract new doctors and other professionals, we must continue to support our public school system!

  • Big Girl

    “public school system”…does that include athletics?

    • guest

      was this necessary?

      • Big Girl

        only asking for a clarification. if it wasn’t necessary I wouldn’t have posted. was your comment necessary? who made you the “necessary” authority?

        • Guest

          Clearly you are literate. Click the link to view the article and read the criteria for yourself.