Special water use permits suspended in Russell

RUSSELL LOGORUSSELL–Effective immediately, the city of Russell has suspended issuing special water use permits.

According to a news release issued Tuesday, city officials said the “benchmark for issuing special water use permits,  water running over the low head dam in Big Creek immediately downstream from the city’s Big Creek intake, is no longer being met.”

Until further notice, special water use permits are not being issued in Russell.

The city began issuing the one-day permits January 29 on a limited basis.

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  • A_citizen_patriot

    Maby they should have suspended them 4 months ago.

    • Chris

      Agreed. We need to be more proactive towards our water supply. I’d like to stay in this area for awhile and don’t want to watch it wither and die.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        For once, there is something we agree on.

    • other shoe

      Maybe Hays should not be using the potable water that would normally flow downstream to others water wells.

      • passin_threw

        If dumped back into Big Creek where it would go and since Big Creek doesn’t dump into the Smoky until after the Russell wells are located then it wouldn’t really help them would it?

        • other shoe

          Do not know as much as you think. Big Creek provides a significant amount of water to Russell. It is the lack of flow over the low dam on Big Creek that caused them to stop issuing permits. And yes, patriot, if unnecessary water use up stream was reduced, it would help Hays.

          • passin_threw

            I better read next time

      • A_citizen_patriot

        With that mentality then we need to get everyone that is upstream of us to stop using extra water. Stop watering the Ellis golf course and sports fields. Then hays would have more water and so would other towns.

        • Thirsty

          What??? Cut the water budget for golf and sports? Are you crazy? Actually, I agree with you. But the mentality around here is sports is king, which is pretty sad.

          • A_citizen_patriot

            I have no problem with sports. I played sports, but we also didn’t irrigate our field. FHSU was smart when they decided to put in turf. People don’t think about the possibility that some day they may turn on the faucet and nothing will come out.