Summer meal program increases kids’ access to healthy meals

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 3.02.21 PMBy KARI BLURTON
Hays Post

A program provided by Hays USD 489 is ensuring children have access to a healthy and nutritious meal even after the school year ends.

According to the USD 489’s director of nutrition services Jessica Calhoun, the Summer Food Program, funded by the federal Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, serves an important need in the community.

“A good portion of students in Hays qualify for the free and reduced meals and, a lot of times, with those kids, (the school’s breakfast and lunch) is the only healthy, full complete meal they get in the day,” Calhoun said. “And then when school is out, that need continues.”

Calhoun said she knows the kids who attend are thankful for the program USD 489 and districts across the state and country have provided for years.

“Last year, we got different cards and pictures and things from kids. … They are just so thankful and appreciate they are provided with meals during the summertime,” Calhoun said, adding the program typically serves around 50 breakfasts each day and anywhere from 100 to 200 lunches per day.

Calhoun said all kids are welcome to attend, and no registration is required.

The Summer Food Service Program is hosted at Washington Elementary, 305 Main, from May 27 through July 9.

The program operates on weekdays with breakfast served from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and lunch is served from 11 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

The program is free for children age 2 to 18, and meals cost $3.40 for adults.

For more information, email or call (785) 623-2400.

  • hater

    We have no budget problems if we are still wasting money on this. Why won’t their parents feed them. Don’t give me the line about no money. Unemployment is 3 percent in this county. So glad I get to pay taxes to raise other people’s kids.

    • Reality Check

      ‘Cause it’s SO easy to raise, clothe and feed kids on the crappy minimum wage jobs that dominate the county employer pool?? Uh-huh. Been there, tried to do that. Not as easy as you think it looks.

      • passin_threw

        If you’re the bread winner making minimum wage you are obviously not a great employee

        • Reality Check

          You would be surprised how many exemplary employees with college educations are working for minimum wage or slightly above because that’s all that’s available.

          • passin_threw

            There are plenty of jobs for “exemplary” employees. If they are as good as you say opportunity would be knocking on their door. Exemplary employees don’t settle.

          • stone_cold_steve_austin

            Wendy’s on south Vine has openings with the advertised starting wage of $8.75 an hour. That is much better than min wage.

    • Guest

      If you read the story you will see the program is federally funded. It does not cost the district.

      • hater

        Who do you think funds the federal gov’t? Probably the same tax slaves being raped by the state. Definitely not the people getting the EITC and having other people raise their brood.

        The fact that the federal tax payers are on the hook for this only means the pool of tax paying suckers extends past the state borders. It does not make it right .

        Feed you own kids or don’t have them.

  • Big Girl