USD 489 superintendent to begin LOB ‘talking tour’ this week (UPDATE)

USD 489 Superintendent Dean Katt

USD 489 Superintendent Dean Katt

Hays Post

USD 489 Superintendent Dean Katt begins a “Talking Tour” this week in Hays to review and answer questions about the upcoming local option budget election.

The first meeting is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Hays High School and is one of seven Katt will make throughout the community.

Katt discussed drafting the tour’s “talking points” with school board members at Monday’s USD 489 Board of Education work session. The election will be through a mail-in ballots, which must be submitted by noon June 27.

Katt said the purpose of the tour is to “review where we are budget-wise, why we are looking at increasing the LOB by one percent and obviously what the money will be used for.”

One effect of the recently adopted state school financing measure would be a lowering of LOB revenues for USD 489.

“We will actually lose money in the LOB, if we stay at 30 percent, Katt said. “The mill levy would go down 0.54 mills.  Taxes would decrease $62 dollars a year on a $100,000 house.”

A 1 percent increase to the LOB would generate approximately $200,000 in revenue for use in the general fund, which includes day-to-day operations and cost the average homeowner an extra 19 cents per month.

LOB impact to homeowners, according to handout from USD 489 staff.

LOB impact to homeowners, according to handout from USD 489 staff.

“It will make a big difference in our financial situation in the future,” said Katt, adding the tour will provide a way “get the facts out and give people the opportunity to ask questions so they can hear from the source about the impact the increase would have on taxes.”

Board President Greg Schwartz pointed out the public would need to know if the LOB passes the board does have the right to raise the LOB another 1 percent within a year’s time without going to public vote.

A schedule of Katt’s entire tour and more information on the LOB can be found on USD 489’s website.

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Check Hays Post for additional information on the upcoming LOB election.

  • Vote

    Dedicate 100% of it to education and I’ll vote for it. Put even $1 of it into sports and you’ll get a NO from me. USD 489 needs to start taking care of education and get their priorities straight. We’re going downhill fast. Would help too if we could get some Kansas politicians in office that actually care about our children instead of shortchanging all the districts in tax money.

    • pager

      they ain’t gonna dedicate 100% to education. they’ve already proven that by firing teachers. I VOTE NO!

  • jumpin

    Schwartz says the public will need to know the board can raise the LOB another 1% within a year’s time without another public vote. bank on it taxpayers. they will do this. its in their nature to do this. they’ll take all the money they can get. VOTE NO on this nonsense. force this school district to do what they should have done sometime ago. organize their budgets and live within that budget. quit bringing on board 7th grade sports, gus and the other nonsense they didn’t need. paying a football coach $80,000 salary!! VOTE NO!!!

    • Save some money

      You got it right on the 7th grade sports!!! Take it back out so we can save that money! On the Gus…..never should that have happened, even if money was plentiful. Just how much per hour did we pay him?? That coach gets that money due to teaching salary and various sports so I’m ok with someone getting paid more that spends more time working. However, I do think decreasing all the coaching salaries would save us money. If the other person is correct that he got $10,000 just for coaching weights, then that does sound like a lot. Not sure how much time was involved though or if that is even true.


    sports? Where does this get you in life? EDUCATION is the key, come on school board!!

  • chapter22

    if its not state mandated take the 7th grade sports out of next years budget. save money board members!

  • propertyguy

    HaHa Mr. Katt. I got my property tax statement recently. Did you? how much did your property raise? I’m voting NO! make due with what we’ve given you. make the hard choices.