Building upgrades, firefighting gear on county agendas

The Ellis County Commission will have a pair of meetings Monday.

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A special meeting to continue the discussions of building upgrades countywide will convene at 4 p.m. at the Ellis County Courthouse.

The agenda includes discussion with the county’s architect on the proposed EMS/Rural Fire building project.

At 5 p.m. Monday, the regular session of the commission will begin, with topics ranging from the approval of refund warrants and tax rolls adjustments to consideration of revamped policies covering reimbursement for meals and mileage.

Commissioners also will consider the purchase of self-contained breathing apparatus kits for Ellis County Rural Fire.

Due to lower ongoing maintenance costs in the form of batteries and improved range of vision for firefighters wearing the gear, Rural Fire Director Dick Klaus is recommending the county purchase the packs from Hays Fire & Rescue Sales and Service.

Hays Fire and Rescue submitted a bid for the packs of $188,000, while the low bidder was Conrad Fire Department, with a bid of just more than $165,000.

The warranties on the Hays Fire and Rescue units also is up to 15 years for some components, compared to five years for the Conrad units.

For a complete agenda for the regular meeting, click HERE.

  • Please

    I would please ask the Commission to please approve the SCBA for the fire department, this is a vital life saving device for both the firefighters and the citizen’s of the county. The current SCBA is obsolete and posses a risk to firefighters every time they have to use them which is on every structure fire or car fire!


    This is a vital piece of equipment, a lot of people think the rural fire dept. Is only fighting grass fires, they’re wrong!! The RFD provides coverage to Schoenchen and I believe Victoria an other townships, in order for the firefighters to efficiently to work they need the proper equipment, think about it would you bust into a smoke filled house without any clean air? No you wouldn’t and the firefighters shouldn’t have to either.