Are you water wise? Take this quick survey to find out

Hays families are invited to take part in a survey designed offer guidance regarding how water is used in local homes.

water conservation

The survey, which can be viewed HERE, is designed to educate and inform about water use and offer simple ways to conserve water.

After completing the survey, participants totals will be added up, ranking them from “water wise” to “have potential.”

Those taking the survey will be entered to win a free low-flow toilet, including installation costs, according to Stacie Minson, Kansas State University Watershed Specialist.

Paper copies of the survey can be picked up at Hays City Hall.

  • Bottle water please?

    How can we tell when high levels of ammonium & nitrate are in our water so we won’t be fined by the EPA…and poison our kids?

    • Info

      As far as I know, that was discharge water from the sewer plant, not the water we would directly drink from the water plant. To use processed water from the sewer plant on the golf course or release it into Big Creek, it has to be below certain chemical levels, which it wasn’t. The water we drink in the city’s water line is tested and maintained to be safe to drink.

    • Can’t trust city.

      It isn’t worth taking the chance…the city never fessed up that they were responsible for violations! You can buy 24, 20 oz. bottles of drinking water for about $3.00…its worth the peace of mind!

      • Resident

        They actually reported themselves in violation, thus the fine. Did you not read the news?? And what happens to all those multitude of plastic bottles you drink out of?? Real good for the environment. Even if you do recycle them, it takes materials and energy to make the bottle. I’m assuming you also aren’t concerned about any plastic chemicals leaching into your bottled water because you know….plastic isn’t harmful at all.

        • Trustless

          Take a walk along Big Creek & Schoechon well field the smell should tell something…if your eyes don’t. By the way I recycle. By the way the commissioners called the EPA bogus I take my chances with he EPA.

        • Big Girl

          Yes they reported themselves, but what about the individual that lied on reports a year or two ago?

  • jenniferp

    speaking of water use, why is walmart and home depot allowed to water their garden plants anytime of the day but citizens are not except the hours 9PM to 10AM. just wondering. also interesting to see all the cars lined up at the 27th Street car wash. can’t wash cars in our yards but its fine to take it to the car wash. isn’t this a double standard.

    • Reality

      If the 27th St. wash is like most modern car washes, there’s a series of reclaimers and filters that re-use about half of the water.

      • brunner

        guess again. they don’t work as well as you think. but jennifer still brings up a point. even if the car washes in this town have up to date reclaimers and filters, which they don’t, they still waste water. so its a double edge sword here. the city tells us we can’t waste water washing our cars in our yards but yet we can all take our cars to the car washes. i also was at walmart garden center over the weekend. they don’t have a problem watering their plants throughout the day with precious city water but yet we can’t. doesn’t make sense, does it?

        • Reality

          brunner, do you own the car washes or maintain them? If not, how can you state as fact they don’t have up-to-date reclamation systems?

          • Big Girl

            “If” the water was reclaimed as alleged would they not need several settling tanks as well as storage tanks for processed and unprocessed water? Filters only filter some particulate. Are there filters for VOC’s or hydrocarbons which will be on oilfield vehicles…does that not require another process “Mr. Reality”? I wont explain flocculants, presses, etc…only keep it simple for you.

          • Reality

            Simple fits you, big girl. Signs at the car wash clearly state that vehicles with petroleum products on them aren’t to be washed there. Ask someone to read them to you.

            As for reclaimed… your point about filters is?? Car wash reclaimation doesn’t treat water to make it potable, only to wash other vehicles. And who is to say they don’t have settling tanks buried? I don’t know, and neither do you. I’m raising it as a possibility. Reclamation was an argument raised by a Russell car wash owner last year when they closed his business… his argument that he recycled most (not all) of his water fell on deaf ears. Would hate to see that happen here.

          • Big Girl

            Signs…Ok! That will definitely work.
            As for buried tanks…are you hallucinating? I watched the busy one on east 27th being built and also the one on Hall. No buried tanks on either. As for filters…they are too expensive and are never maintained. As for pH control…likewise.

          • Big Girl

            Reality… why not change your name to something more realistic? My opinion, my assumption, my guess, I don’t know but I been told,…or maybe worthless.

          • Reality

            BG, I prefer to base my judgements and decisions on informed facts (do Hays car washes recycle water? I admit I don’t know but would like to, but you drove by a construction site so you KNOW intuitively all aspects of car wash construction, operations and maintenance). And I also don’t think it’s my place to tell others how to live their lives (unlike your ‘All outside watering should be banned immediately!’ declaration…). We’re all free to voice opinions on here, but just remember, nobody elected you.

        • Bill

          Get it correct. Watering is legal under the roof inside of the store. Under the shade cloth is considered outside and there is no water there between 10am-9pm. It is allowed under city rules. Yes this is a fact. Call the city office for the rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Business

        It is because they are a business and there business depends on water so until the water shortage becomes more sever they are still allowed to operate that business.

  • Big Girl

    What about the automatic systems which are watering yards at 3:00 am? Drive around the cities neighborhoods, those lawns are not greening up on there own. All outside watering should be banned immediately!

    • Big guy

      Residents are urged to conserve water. Nothing illegal about watering your lawns or having a garden if you follow the rules. There’s no need to go to extremes and prevent people from at least maintaining lawns and plants. Most residents are aware of the situation and are watching their water use. Not everyone, I know, but most.