How Obama won a second term

In a recent writing of mine, I claim mainstream media bias had lots to do with the re-election of Obama. Most polls showed Americans were not in support of Obama’s agendas on growing the economy, creating jobs, spending, etc., nor even in support of Obamacare. MSM, however, didn’t hold him accountable for his failures.

Les Knoll

Les Knoll

That being said, there were other major factors that gave Obama another term. Call them Obama scandals. As I point out the scandals, I ask readers to think about how much coverage they witnessed by mainstream media. Not a whole lot, from what I could see.

In order to get re-elected, Obama lied over 20 times that, with his signature Obamacare law, you could keep your doctor, your same insurance, and premiums would be $2,500 less. Since most voters liked their doctor and insurance and were OK with premiums before the law, Obama knew full well he couldn’t get re-elected unless he lied. The lies still keep coming.

How many Romney voters didn’t vote or speak out with threats coming from the IRS? IRS targeting of Obama’s conservative opponents will go down as the most corrupt ballot box interference by government in American history. Now we’re finding out there was IRS collusion with DOJ, other government agencies and even some Dems in Congress.

The Census Bureau, which is supposed to be non-partisan, doctored unemployment numbers to make Obama look good. Yup, the CB even admitted that they lied about getting it below 8 percent since no president won re-election with people out of work at that number or above. No wonder Obama moved the CB to the White House way back in ’08.

Obama and Hillary lied about how four Americans were killed in Benghazi because al-Qaeda was supposed to be on the run and it wouldn’t look good for Obama’s re-election if terrorists were still up and running after Osama bin Laden’s demise. If readers don’t know what the big lie was, it proves my point. MSM still won’t go there with ongoing investigations.

Add to all of the above, there was voter fraud. There are cases to prove it.

Recent reports showed some 35,000 in North Carolina alone voting in two different states — and Dems fighting voter ID is nothing more than a ploy for illegals to vote since Hispanics vote overwhelming (8 to 2) for Dems.

I would be remiss not to add Obama’s smear campaign of Republicans being racist, sexist, homophobes, bigots and not for the poor. The scandalous mud-slinging worked to divert attention away from the real issues of the day.

What do all these scandals have in common? Far too many voters were uninformed since Obama’s media refused to investigate and report. Not only were there lies all over the place, there’s stonewalling taking place of current investigations, thus preventing Congress and we the people from knowing the truth. Nor does media even care.

Another huge story – Obama bought a lot of votes with your tax money and mine giving handouts to millions on welfare. People getting tax money from Obama’s government was a huge voting block in his 2012 re-election.

Ponder this little stat: Liberal mainstream TV media to date has had 99 interviews with Obama while conservative TV got only eight interviews. That’s 99 interviews holding our president accountable for nothing.

Snoopy of “Peanuts” could get elected considering all of the above. If ever in this country’s history there’s a “re-election” that should not have been, this is it!

Les Knoll lives in Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.

  • yahooserious

    really man? Obama’s smear campaign over republicans being racist, homophobic and not for the poor? Is that why far right conservative led states like Kansas and Arizona are attempting to pass anti-gay laws? Wow dude you really are looking through a RED lens only. Is that why Kansas won’t accept the ACA and help out a lot of the “gap” folks in our state? All the while decreasing taxes for the wealthiest? You must be a wealthy man to come up with that argument. Haha your funny, bro.

    As for the “IRS scandal”, it’s been shown that the IRS targeted more LEFT groups than right, including the legalization of marijuana movement. I bet there’s not a lot of conservatives in that movement. You do know that corporations channel money through these “PAC’s” so there is little trace of it’s origin correct? That’s why the IRS checks into such applications for exempt status, this isn’t rocket science, pal.

    Benghazi. The oh so touted worst scandal in US history according to republicans. Guess they forgot about watergate, Iran contra, and many a other scandals led by the RED party, christ you sent a war hero to prison for it(Oliver North). H*ll you have a fellow elephant in new york about to get his b*tt sent to prison for evading taxes and hiring immigrant workers(illegals) and paying them under the table. You are blind to reality, Sir. Shut off the Fox news and watch a little pbs news hour or read some AP articles. Sheesh.

    • yahooserious

      further more (couldn’t finish the above because my browser wouldn’t scroll down), don’t liken yourself to one party only. Democrats have just as many scandals as republicans do, I know this. This two party system has let us here and to think one of the two can lead us out of it is wishful thinking at best. H*ll, I’m ready to elect Jessie Ventura at this point.

      • A_citizen_patriot

        Im holding you to that. If Jessie Ventura ever runs, I want to see a picture of you voting for him.

        • yahooserious

          I’ll do a selfie of me voting for him Just for you Patriot. At least I know your a rational man.

      • stone_cold_steve_austin

        I’m right as right and just of tired of this as you. He won because he got more votes. President Obama will be judged by his performance some time in the future. But to debate how he won is useless. He is a two term president, get over it Mr. Knoll.

        • Chief59

          I’m glad that there is at least one thing that all of us, regardless of party lines can agree on. We should all thank Les Knoll and his tin foil hat for bringing all of us together!