Greetings from Ellis on a lovely May Day

It’s a beautiful day! Or so says my oldest son, and I think I have to agree.

Dena Patee

Dena Patee

The wind is finally down, however it will be back up as the day goes on.  Maybe today you only have to keep two rocks in your pocket to help weigh you down, — much better than Monday, which had to be an eight-rock day!

Today, I encourage everyone to get out and take a walk around your neighborhoods. While you’re out, check out your neighbor’s yards, visit with them, enjoy the birds and take in the scenery. Then, pick up the items that have blown out of your yard and take them home with you. I had to track down some things from the Chrysler Home yard yesterday and get them back in the yard. Hopefully, they are still there this morning.

This week has been busy, however many activities were delayed due to the crazy Kansas weather. Stay tuned, and I’ll post updates and times as soon as I hear of anything. Today, the Ellis Junior High Track team will head out to Oakley and the EHS Golfers are hosting the I-70 Classic with Trego. Tomorrow finds the EHS Track team in Quinter, and the Softball Team will travel to Plainville. Saturday is State Forensics and State Journalism. Go Railers!

The end of school is very near but there are tons of activities between now and then. Music concerts, track meets, baseball, softball, golf, FFA activities, awards, graduations — lots of activities to go! One announcement that the Ellis school kids will totally dig is that the last half day of school on May 21 has been removed from the calendar. The Ellis school year will end on May 20. (Whooping and hollering are being heard from the crowd.)

Ellis will soon have a new downtown business. Please welcome, Big Creek Floral & Gifts! They will be open and running by June 1. Keep your eyes here for more details on a Grand Opening celebration and Ribbon Cutting. Ellis will have a new LED Downtown sign too! Thank you all for the very generous donations to the project, they are appreciated! There is still time to donate to the project if you would like.

Riverfest 2014 will be a Battle on Big Creek. Don’t miss your chance to skydive with us. Team Fast Track will be taking us up for a tandem skydive as part of the fun of Riverfest. Would you like to go? Give me a call at the Alliance Office at (782) 726-2660 for all the details and to get signed up! Final deadline to register to skydive is May 10.

Get out today and enjoy the sunshine and lots less wind. As always, if you know things that I don’t, please share with me and I’ll spread the word.

Happy May Day, everyone!

Dena Patee is executive director of Ellis Alliance.