Chris Michaelis new AD/assistant principal at HHS


In March, Hays High School Athletics Director and Assistant Principal Clint Albers turned in his resignation. Approximately one month later Chris Michaelis has been named to that same position at the high school.

Michaelis has been a teacher and coach at Hays High for past 18 years. He previously taught in Manhattan at a private school.

Michaelis coached the girls’ soccer program for 17 years and the boys program for nearly as long minus a small hiatus in the early 2000’s. He has also been a teacher at Hays High during his entire tenure at Hays.

Michaelis said he’s considered taking the next step in becoming an athletic director or assistant principal and the opportunity to do so at Hays High School was the perfect scenario.

Over the past couple of sports seasons, he was also named the events coordinator which gave him a behind the scenes look at how things worked, well before the job ever came open.

Michaelis will take over his new duties July 1, 2014.

  • Really?

    Is that position really necessary? It seems like they could of saved two teachers by not filling that position.

    • troll hater

      considering the AD schedules all competitions of all athletic teams, oversees hiring coaches and staff, assists with travel arrangements, makes sure teams are compliant with state and league….no the posistion isn’t necessary…really? DA

      • compton

        you forgot making sure our football coach makes more than a math teacher.

        • Look it up…

          You forgot that the only reason he (football coach) makes so much is because of where he falls in the negotiated teachers salary contracts, he is being paid so much because he has been a teacher forever…

  • sportsguy

    as long as it promotes sports, i can dig it. hope they are paying him more than Albers.

  • Jim

    Necessary? Completely.

    • Really?

      Really…..a assistant principal is need more than three teachers? Yikes….no wonder they are 1.3 million in the hole…..priorities are pretty out of whack!

      • Accountability

        Priorities of the board. Here they are. 1: Fund sports and coaches as we’d just die without it. 2: Fire teachers, increase class size, take away tenure, give teachers pay cuts, ask them to take over extra duties, and lastly-don’t follow the published wage chart (as has happened for several years).

        • J. Daniels

          You people posting on Hays Post are so delusional….wow…I truly hope they make this board to where you have to sign in with a Facebook account or something similar…I would love to see how many if you spout off about things you have no clue about after hat. You truly have No idea what you are talking about.

  • shptldrp

    Congratulations. What a caring individual, our kids are in good hands. Safe travels for all the miles you will cover.

  • Cliven Bundy

    Just stop paying your taxes so they have no choice and must listen to us. This is all MLK’s fault anyway