SkyWest flights set to begin Aug. 1 from Hays Regional Airport

The first United Express flights, operated by SkyWest Airlines, from Hays to Denver are scheduled to take off beginning Aug. 1, the airline announced in a news release Monday.

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“Having access to reliable, local air service is critical for the economic development of communities and we look forward to the start of these new United Express flights in Hays,” said Mike Thompson, SkyWest Airlines vice president of market development. “Hays travelers taking advantage of this new service will enjoy a new connection to an unmatched global network.”

There will be 12 weekly flights from Hays to Denver.

The Hays flights will operate using 50-seat Bombardier-manufactured CRJ200 aircraft, the first time Hays Regional Airport has had a carrier that used turbojets. Previous carriers have used turboprops.

The previous carrier, Great Lakes, ended service at the end of March, leaving the Hays airport temporarily without commercial service.

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  • Ticket Cost?

    Great! Anyone know the price of a roundtrip ticket? Hard to believe there will be 100 passengers flying everyday.

    • govt work if you can get it

      They don’t have to worry about competitive forces, and full planes….this is government work with huge subsidy of $1 million plus, and they can fly empty planes and make a profit. Great Lakes would even get paid when they didn’t fly if they could come up with the right excuse, such as “weather”. Amazing number of flights cancelled with clear skies, VFR in Hays and Denver, not icing, etc!
      Why can’t the city put the pressure on them to start flights sooner. The customer habits can change a great deal and ICT, MHK, GCK…even TOP will get a good testing by those of us in Hays who fly a lot…..oh, and the puddle jumper from Great Bend to Kansas City may get some traction while the city and chamber fathers think we will wait for their great deal with this newbie. Maybe not so much, and the city will be flying lots of city employee boarding on charter helo boardings at year end, AGAIN, to get boarding numbers cooked.

  • $193 Round Trip

    I checked orbitz……round trip ticket is $193. Could be worth it depending on the circumstance and why you are traveling.

    • Chief59

      Not bad at all. Depending on which day you booked, flights with Great Lakes varied from $99 to $169 one way. I know the last time I flew GL, I waited too long and ended up paying $60 more than if I had booked earlier.

  • jeryyboy

    too bad we couldn’t have a daily flight to kansas city.

  • fly mhk

    So after not having local service for nearly 6 months, I’ve become accustomed to flying elsewhere ( Manhattan). I’ve lost hundreds of dollars on flights on Great Lakes ( while they and the city had their little spittin’ match and GL pulled out). What can’t the city get the new airline in before August 1? Great quote, “still in time for summer vacation” Right. Not a good start and clear evidence that the city and supporters are going to let this new airline run over us just like GL. Why not start MAY1, if they really want our, my, business?
    So, this year the city’s special “boardings’ at the end of the year with city employees flying 3 minute charter helicopter flights, didn’t event get HYS over the boarding minimum!