Budget again will dominate USD 489 board meeting

A new Hays USD 489 Board of Education member is expected to be appointed next week — and will be seated in time to take part in discussions of a looming budget crisis.

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The board will hear from each of the six applicants for a board seat vacated by Darren Schumacher. Candidates who have submitted their applications include announced earlier this week were Jerald Braun, Mandy Fox, Patrick Scott, Kris Munsch, Sarah Rankin and Luke Oborny have thrown their names in for consideration. Applicants have until Friday to apply for the vacancy. After the presentations, a new member will be appointed by the board and immediately be seated.

The district has several measures on the table to both cut costs and increase revenue, actions designed to erase a 2014-15 budget that is nearly $1.4 million in the red. Those measures, which range from a tax increase to increased enrollment fees, are scheduled to be discussed at Monday’s board meeting, scheduled for 6:30 p.m. at Rockwell Administration Center.

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According to the USD 489 AGENDA, the district is considering just more than $1.4 million in budget reductions — the largest being a $973,000 reduction in labor expense. The equivalent of nearly 20 positions are expected to be cut in the coming school year, either through attrition, resignations and non-renewals. Thirteen employees already have been informed their contracts are not expected to be renewed for the coming year.

Fee increases also have been proposed, with just more than $100,000 in additional revenue being created by a $150 bus fee for students living within 2.5 miles of their school and increasing the workbook/materials fee from $100 to $130.

With an expected decrease of $33,000 in state aid caused by the recent school funding bill, the district would cut its deficit to $13,250 if all of the proposals were approved by the board.

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  • To educate or play ball

    My first question is how much money goes towards sports (coach salaries, transportation, lodging, field maintenance, uniforms, meals, equipment, etc.)? My next question is how much money is going to be cut from sports? Seems really lopsided that we are cutting 20 staff positions and increasing enrollment fees, yet we’re still keeping all sports activities intact? Hmmmm…

    • Play

      I wish they would have put the sports percentage up to in the chart to so people like you could be SILENCED. Coaching salaries are not part of the teaching salary, and are generally very small and from what I’ve seen they are payed fairly for the time they put in. The majority of the time the pay isn’t even worth the hassle in dealing with DUMB parents who think that Jimmy should have more playing time than Joe. All of those other things you mentioned is generally taken care of through fund raisers and donations and it contributes to a small percentage of the overall budget. I wish people would get there facts straight on the relation that sports plays in the budget because it isn’t as much as you think!

      • To educate or play ball

        Geez……ask a simple question and I get a crazy sports nut to answer. It doesn’t matter if the coach gets paid $1 or $10,000 or $100,000 – I still should have the right to know how much money is going into sports in USD 489. I’m not talking the amount raised by the booster club, concessions, etc. I’m asking for the amount per year USD 489 actually writes a check for. It’s laughable that you want me to take you at your word that it’s a ‘small percentage of the budget’. That’s all relative to who you ask. To the possible 20 teachers that may lose their job, I think they at least deserve to know how much money is going directly into sports. Cuts are being made, unfortunately, I feel they were in the wrong area.

        • Play

          Actually, I posted on another thread too about what Guest 1 is saying on the new football coach and not agreeing because of quality teachers/coaches on staff. So don’t get your panties in a bunch there. It seems like every time something gets brought up somebody wants to turn this into a sports issue. There isn’t hardly anything to cut because they are predominately self-funded by the team fundraising and booster efforts, now yes the school does its fair share, but it is pretty minimal. Do I want this to be included in the chart – YES, because I want people to see how small that budget really is in comparison to the entire school budget. When I say regarding the extra-curriculars I also include band/play/debate, etc… in those too because they fall into sports budgets primarily. I don’t want these teachers to lose their jobs either and I don’t want the quality of education to suffer, but in reality you won’t save to many positions with a cut in the extra-curricular /sports budget.

          • Answer please

            WHAT IS THE SPORTS BUDGET FOR USD489??? Can you not just answer that one question without 20 sentences of jibberish? All I need is a dollar figure, like say $150,000 or whatever the correct answer is.

          • Play

            That’s the million dollar question ??? With the way this school does things; who knows and the way things were done with previous Supt’s and asst Supt’s with our overall budget, it’s hard to say. I would like to know as well.

          • Less than I thot

            I was at the work session on Monday and these questions were answered. The district directly funds sports with 65k and that includes middle school and high school. Then when you add in coaching stipends, field/pool rentals, transportation and janitorial/maintenance the total cost is 237-250k (that includes the 65k). Please note that the booster club and fundraisers provide the funding for uniforms and major equipment purchases because the 65k provided by the district is not enough for all the sports to be maintained.

            The general fund (which is where the 1.3 million shortfall exists) is between 23-24 million dollars. Therefore, the 237-250k is right at 1% of that total fund whereas salaries and benefits are 86.5%. According to the meeting, we are 13-20% higher on salaries then most districts our size.

            Finally, it was also explained that 7th grade sports can not be eliminated without eliminating 8th grade sports. None of the area schools that are smaller want to play us and in order to be in the league we are in we HAD to provide 7th grade sports.

            Hope that helps.

          • Comments

            So why then did we last year have no 7th grade sports, but did have 8th grade? Now all of a sudden, 7th grade sports is mandatory? Regarding the salaries, Kansas is 42nd out of the 50 states on teacher salaries. Also, Hays is one of the highest priced housing areas in Kansas. So a district say in Eastern Kansas the same size as us might be better off on a lower teacher salary considering the housing here is 3 times what it should be. That’s the same reason McDonalds here might pay $6 per hour, but in California, it might be $11 per hour. It’s too bad that when faced with cutting that $65,000 sports funding or firing 2-3 teachers, that they eliminated the teachers. Cutting $11,000 was helpful, but I would have preferred the teachers over the sports.

          • Less than I thot

            If you cut sports to where the programs can not function and are eliminated then that would result in a large staff reduction as kids and parents seek schooling elsewhere. I realize you are anti sports but it would take cutting all of the sports budget as a salary and benefits package is 45k min.
            And I already explained what would happen then…
            You don’t have to like it but sports will stay and the most negotiable area to cut from is staff. Do you own a business? If so, how would you save a sinking ship if faced with the same situation? All we can do is downsize, save as many jobs as possible, regroup and hopefully come out of this stronger then ever. Cutting sports is not a salvation and if eliminated would be devastating!

            As for 7th grade sports, the league requirements to add 7th grade was only implemented on our district and we had to be functional this year. According to Monday night, this was out of our control.

            Anything else??

          • Comments

            Thanks for your answers. I’m not necessarily anti sports, but I do feel that before we add $30 more to enrollment and fire a lot of teachers that maybe we should add a $30 pay to play fee to sports. It’s just sad in my opinion that ‘cutting sports would be devastating’ as you said, but ‘cutting education’ is ok. I do understand where you are coming from. I am older so we may differ on our viewpoints, but my generation was strong on schooling and education, sports were a luxury and secondary. Going out for sports isn’t required, whereas education is so I just feel we should take care of that first. If there is extra money, then you can have the extras. It’s like buying a fancy brand new car, but then not having the money left to buy fuel to drive it.

          • Less than I thot

            I probably don’t disagree with you and a strong education is my hope as well. The work session was very informative. No programs are being cut per the superintendent except for middle school Spanish. The 13.5 teachers being possibly laid off are unfortunate but it really did sound like we are a little teacher heavy and salary heavy. The elementary schools are potentially losing 3 teachers and that bothers me the most. While class sizes will remain below 22 kids/class, there will be a few with high enrollment. Let’s address those areas first.

            As you stated that our viewpoints may differ due to age, well teaching used to be a calling and the unions were for the betterment of the district. A small pay cut would save some jobs as well. Why is that not an option? As a parent in this community, I’d like to see us all work together but it seems like the BOE and Super have to make hard decisions because of limited options. If a 2% admin and teacher pay cut would save 3-4 teachers and still keep their salaries high in comparison to the rest of the state would that be a viable option in your opinion?

          • stone_cold_steve_austin

            Less Than I Thot…………..You have done a great job of explaining the facts. Your opinions were subtle and your facts were plentiful. Very well done.

          • Less than I thot

            Thank you. I encourage people to attend the meetings or at least the work session as I did. Observed open convo amongst BOE members and good info.

          • FHSU grad

            We’re ranked 42nd out of the 50 states in teacher pay. Now you are wanting to give them a pay cut and ask them to teach more kids and perform extra duties on top of the ones added in the last few years? Oh…and also wanting to drop tenure. The quality teachers won’t want to teach here, they’ll go to other states and districts. We just paid someone $60,000 without thinking it thru for advice. There goes 2 teachers right there. If you didn’t go to college, then making $30,000 might seem like a great job. But earning a college degree (sometimes masters) and trying to raise a few kids, pay the mortgage and college loans, taking ongoing courses to keep your license for $30,000 as a teacher just doesn’t cut it. How come I don’t see anything about pay cuts or layoffs to custodians, board office staff, secretaries, the $60,000 advisor, crossing guards, bus drivers, administrators, etc? I’m not for that either. But if I have a masters degree and you want me to teach in Hays where houses are $150,000 on up for ‘entry level’, then $30,000 isn’t what I’m after. I’ll be looking elsewhere.

          • Less than I thot

            So you are angry and you want to be a teacher that makes a lot of money? That’s all I gathered from your misguided rant. I never took a stance on tenure nor did I indicate what I thought anyone should be paid.
            Stats, are you sure you want to go down that road because I will challenge your logic and integrity. Teacher pay is greatly based upon what the state allows us per pupil. Kansas does not have a high per pupil allowance when compared to many states. However, only 17 states average a higher starting wage for teachers then what our USD 489 provides. We start out at just under 36K for 9 months of work which translates into 48K for a 12 month job, and benefits are not factored into either of those numbers. According to the 2012 stats on the state website, our school district has over 100 teachers making greater than 50k per year which would translate into 67k and above per year. Are you really going to try and claim that those salary ranges are not fair for our community? Go to another state, I personally do not care what you do. The grass is always greener and I wish you the best. There are numerous teachers that are proud to be educators in Kansas and they do it because they care about more than a statistic.
            As for the rest of your claims. You are so wrong it is not even funny. At the work session on Monday it was stated by the superintendent that all areas were being examined for cuts including administration and central office. The teaching staff was listed first due to a timeframe requiring notification whereas the others are not subject to any timeframes. There is no more money being spent on an advisor (I’m guessing that you are referring to Gustafson), that was just for this past school year. Do us a favor and pay attention or ask questions before spewing out nonsense, you make yourself look bad and unfortunately others will believe the fiction.
            Times are tough right now and I believe they will get better. Your attitude is not one that I want to be in our community let alone in our school district. Teaching is not easy but neither are a lot of things in life. We all have to shoulder burdens and do what is best for the greater good at times. Our school district has had a good run but now we are finding out that the good run was too much too fast and we must now pay a price. Now the belt must be tightened and changes must be made. It sucks for all those affected but it is unfair to expect that school districts and their teachers are exempt from what all the rest of us will experience from time to time.

          • Parent

            Sounds like maybe your attitude isn’t needed to tell you the truth. I agree with the ‘FHSU grad’ post. I’m guessing you’re busing tables and upset you only get $6 per hour. Too bad you’re taking it out on teachers though.

          • Less than I thot

            You can agree with whomever you choose and you can make speculations as to my income all you want. That still does not change anything and the facts are the facts. Funny though, as a $6/hour person I seem to be much more informed then you two are and I’m at least sympathetic to all of the district, whereas you both seem to be angry and biased towards one portion only. Please, if you have better info or suggestions….share it and let’s see where it goes. But if all you have is hearsay or fictitious banter then I’ll pass. Bring something with substance and support, give ideas on what changes to make to help our district. Looking forward to what you and FHSU Grad have to say. I mean, I’m just a poor nobody and you both have your high powered degrees. Viable solutions should be easy for you to muster, I just hope my feeble mind can comprehend.

      • guest1

        I’m going to use the recent hire of the new football coach as an example, only because it is a recent event, not because I have anything against football (or any sports). In a previous posting it was noted that this fb coach is being paid more than the previous, because of his experience. It was also noted by other commenters that there were other people, currently employed by the district, who were qualified for the position and had applied for it. – This is where I have a problem with sports when we are having a problem funding teachers in our classroom. The new coach was hired and paid more because of his experience because he is perceived to be better and therefore, will win more games. A current person could have been promoted to that position for less money. You see, it’s all about having “the best” coach for the team. How about having a coach so you can have a team and paying more for “the best” teachers. I don’t have a problem with sports and other extra curricular activities. I have a problem when they are a priority over the education of the children. Yes, it’s great when you can win your game, but you still get the experience of being on a team and trying your best win or lose. I’m not saying we should try to lose, but I would rather kids lose on the field than in the classroom.

        • Play

          See my above response. I also voiced the same thought with the new FB coach hire a few weeks back, especially with quality coaches on staff and this would have saved at least 1 teaching position if filled from within. That didn’t make much sense and still doesn’t. These are the types of things that have me questioning our BOE members. From what it sounds there are some good ones to fill the new vacant spot and my hope is that they all put there names on the ballot for the next election, it’s time to clean house with our current BOE. Don’t be surprised if it turns out that the new member doesn’t have teaching or education ties. My guess is they will go with someone without these ties because a former teacher or someone who has been in education will have more insight and may not vote the same as what they are wanting.

        • Job seeker

          Couldn’t have said it better! Sports is king around here, apparently. 2 + 2 is 5, but man-can I put a spin on a football. Do you have a job application for me?

      • guest1

        Also, let me say, I completely agree with you, I also wish they would have put that information in the chart. I think it is very important information that we should all be privy too.

      • tired of it

        Here is a link to the negotiated contract. http://www.usd489.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Mstr-contract-13-14-FINAL.pdf Look at pages 3 & 9. A coach’s teaching salary is based on experience and years of service per the chart on page 3. Their coaching salary is a percentage based on their teaching salary, as listed on page 9. Head football coach gets an additional 7.85-10.47%. Basic math says if the head football coach has a teaching salary of $50,000, they could get a little over 5,000 additional to coach. Fund raisers pay for some extra things that can’t fit in the budget- maybe uniforms, supplies, meals- but not salary and travel.

    • booster club

      The HHS Athletic Board approved over $28,000 worth of expenses for the 2014 – 2015 school year for athletics. The expenses included mostly uniforms and equipment for each sport. In addition to the $28,000 the booster club pays for ALL hotel rooms for athletic competitions. I have a child who participates in HHS sports – there are no “FREE” meals. During track they pack a cooler or stop at a fast food restaurant and pay for their own meals. During football they paid $5 and shared 1/2 of a $10 Pizza Hut pizza.
      Don’t get me wrong – I know transportation fees are expensive. However, the booster club and students share a “LARGE” part of athletic expenses.

      • Reality

        I don’t know what the correct figure is, but $28,000 sounds waaaaaaay off. So all the coaches salaries added up, all the equipment for all the various sports, all the gas for all the buses, all the money for the bus drivers for all the trips, all the expenses for field maintenance, court maintenance, water for the grass, stadium repair, etc is only $28,000 that is out of pocket???? Sounds like someone trying to save the sewer plant smells like roses to me.

        • stone_cold_steve_austin

          He is stating the Booster Club puts that amount into the Athletic Programs. I don’t believe he is stating that it is the amount budgeted by 489 to Athletics.

          • Name that dollar amount

            One can post how much money is donated to sports or how much the booster club puts in or how much is raised in concessions. The ONLY figure I’m asking for is how much USD 489 cuts a check for to fund sports for a year (coaches, fuel, bus drivers, uniforms, field/court maintenance, equipment, etc). All I see on here is the run around to a simple question.

          • Neutral View

            The reason this elusive number hasn’t been produced is because it is spread across all expense categories and not that easy to figure. I’m not saying it is impossible but it is rather difficult.
            Here is what makes the process complicated: 1) The 489 budget is broken down into funds or categories as is required and accepted by governmental and municipal standards. It is not broken down by cost center or program as most would think (as is applicable in the private/for-profit world). 2) Most (maybe not all) coaches and assistants also teach. The majority of their salaries do not fit in the athletic budget but rather instruction. Only the supplimental costs above teaching costs would be attributed to sports. 3) Fuel, bus drivers, and maintainence costs go to the transportation budget. The same bus on Monday maybe used for a elementry school field trip, used on Tuesday morning for taking HHS students to a band event, used on Wednesday morning taking a quiz bowl team to a event in the morning and then used to fill in for a broken down bus on a regular route taking students home in the afternoon, and then finally used for a out of town sporting event on Friday. Its not practicle to divide out all the fuel, driver, & maintenance costs. 4) Facilities and utility costs…well just think about this one. Grounds and practice fields are maintained by the same grounds crews that maintain all other 489 facilities. Utilites are billed all together (illogical to meter every switch and spicket) so that number is somewhere in with the water fountains the kids drinks from, the lights that are on in the classrooms, and the heating/cooling systems that are used by all to have a comfortable learning environment. HHS doesn’t even have its own stadium, they lease the FHSU stadium and that is partially offset by the ticket price at the gate. 5) Other items specific to sports like overnight stays, uniforms, equipment, and meals are largely (maybe not all but the majority) paid for by the booster club or parents through fundraisers, activity fees, and out of pocket. I have seen the booster budget and the costs they cover ($20,000 + annually). It would be helpful if the booster club made their contribution more public for all to see. They do a great job offsetting costs that would normally be shouldered by the district. Besides, the district can’t cut something they don’t pay for in the first place.
            In the end, all areas of the budget (costs related to sports included) should be looked at for efficiencies. Posters here on this forum looking for a conspiracy involving sports are not likely to find one. The gap that the district needs to fill can only be accomplished through cutting expenses and raising revenue. The BOE is pursuing both options. You elected them to make these decisions for the better interest of our district. In addition, calling the BOE members is the best way to find out this information in further detail, not having it out on a public forum like Hays Post. Get involved beyond your computer and contact the BOE members. Maybe even go to the meetings. I do.

  • Enrollment?

    Is enrollment going down? Is that why we are not getting as much from the state?
    How much was USD 489 hurt by the new Catholic Middle School opening as far as funding goes?
    I just see a huge failure on the part of the school board, somebody should of saw this coming.

    • Informed

      Some of them did. Those that just left didn’t as they had their heads up the supers rear. You may recall they earned the name the “Rubber Stamp” board because they refused to question anything and only voted yes on everything. This new board is now fixing things. People are now on here complaining that their special interest is being cut. Can’t cut buses because I may have to plan my day out and get out of bed a little early to avoid traffic. Can’t cut two teacher music classes because my kid won’t have the best music education in middle school. Can’t cut sports because people already raise money for these. Quit being selfish and complaining because your school, or class is going to have to do more. Suck it up and do it. Whether a parent, taxpayer, teacher or administrator. If you listen to all of you people we can’t cut anything…..because.

      You have a group looking at improving things and people on here say lets get them out and get new people with ties to the district to fix this. That is just what is needed. More people who were part of the problem to fix this. What did these people do while in the district to fix these problems? Ohh that is right….they supported all the wasteful spending of the past. I would rather have someone with some financial intelligence to sit on the board instead of somebody making decisions with their heart.

      Change is needed. It is scary. However, we have great parents and students in this district. The students will still be great next year. Are we as parents saying that we have no responsibility to ensure that they do not suffer? Get in touch with your schools if you have kids. If you do not contact the principals and see how you can get involved. Maybe there won’t be all of the extras, but kids in this district will get a great education.

      • USD sports district

        I had high hopes originally with the new board members. But after seeing 7th grade sports was here to stay (since it was just ADDED this year), but 20 teachers were cut, I saw where their priorities were. I hope the new replacement board member puts a child’s education first.

        • District Parent

          LOL, Let me get this straight. You want to blame the new board members for 7th Grade sports? Something they had absolutely nothing to do with? I’m quite certain that was put into place before they even took office. You need to be thanking the previous board and administration I.E Kraemer, Befort, Moore and most importantly the wonderful finance guy who obviously didn’t know what he was doing; Cain. Were you not at the work session showing your support Monday because I was and very clearly heard several board members talk about 7th grade sports and ask questions about it as well. At the meeting they were told that if we cut 7th grade sports that we might as well get rid of 8th grade sports as well because the rest of the league we are in would no longer want to play our teams. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think that is an excuse to just say “oh ok well then we won’t cut them” but I got the impression that the board is going to do some more looking on this and find out what we can and can’t do. My son is not in sports so I have nothing to gain by standing up for this sport or that sport but I am tired of hearing everyone just blame sports for the problems we are having. I’m not saying that we can’t realize some additional savings by cutting more in sports but It just seems to always be the first argument everyone has and for you to say that the 7th grade sports discussions show where the board members priorities are really make you sound uniformed. It’s funny, I don’t hear anyone talking about how we need to cut music, band or other activities that cost the district money? My son participates in both and sure I don’t want to see them cut those areas but it’s a fact of life, we all need to give a little. I think we need to look for cuts in that dept. just like we need to look for cuts in every other dept. Everything needs to be looked at and evaluated and I think the board is doing that. I for one applaud the new board, we finally have some people that are willing to ask some questions and make some long overdue changes for our district. Change is never easy and I know we all have a ways to go but we’re getting there. I truly hope that parents, teachers and administrators can all get on the same page and try to make the best of whatever changes are to come. Complaining on a public forum will do nothing. We need to all do our part to help in anyway we can.

  • Concerned

    They won’t be getting $$$$ from me for my kids to ride, I will make other arrangements. I will say, I questioned that when we moved here and I was told they don’t enforce the 2.5 rule. I do have a problem with the free/reduced getting this fee waived as those applications can have any information they are willing to put on them and unless they are randomly pulled from the pile for an audit nothing happens, you can not question what one places on those applications I know, I use to work in a district. I sure hope they have considered the amount of money it may cost to revamp dropping off and picking up, both in the am and pm now, it is crazy. You go adding how many more parents it will be a nightmare!!! At least twice a week I witness a child almost being hit in front of the middle school. So you have traffic coming from the west that is looking into direct sun, plus you have traffic that stops on the side of the road coming from the west to let kids out, you have traffic from the south that can’t see if traffic is coming from the east because the staff cars are parked there and it blocks the view. Oh and then you add the busses dropping off to that mix or parents that stop right in front to drop off, it is TERRIBLE!!!! My point I am trying to make here is they might as well be prepared to purchase those houses and make it an 8 lane because that is what is going on now on a two land road and it will only be worse!!!

  • passin_threw

    Let’s drop all extra curricular activities! Then them stupid athletic kids can go to school elsewhere and we can let those dollars go away and we can get this all on budget….

    • It’s what we make it

      So you like the idea of firing teachers and increasing class size better than cutting dollars from the sports budget? I put my kids in school to learn, NOT play sports. If my family was moving, I’d look at the town’s schools for their educational quality first. Name one person from Hays that has made it big in sports and has a career in it. If you want your child to be making hamburgers in the local restaurant when he’s 30, then go ahead and move to a school that has sports as their priority and the dollars to support it. I prefer my kids to have a decent and rightful chance to learn so that they can have a positive career future.

      • passin_threw

        Sean Finn

        • passin_threw

          There is your one name. But how many kids from hays get a quality education because if sports? There is so much more to school than education. I’d rather my kids learn social skills at school and teach them at home rather than save some incompetent teachers job. Don’t you think there is a reason those 16 teachers have been singled out?

          • My opinion

            Never heard of him. Since you must have missed my point, it was that 99.5% of the students in Hays aren’t going to make the big money with a sports career and retire on it. They will need a quality education and a college degree and you can’t get to that point if we keep cutting in all educational areas. As for any teachers that may lose their jobs, it’s because of the budget. None of them are being fired due to job performance. I feel for each one of them. Some may have moved here for a first year job, some may have recently made a big purchase on a car or home. To go from a salaried job to a pink slip because of no funding from your boss (USD 489) is sad. I think it’s especially sad when I read all the comments about sports being ‘all that and then some’ and education can come second. That’s whats really sad.

          • passin_threw

            You wanted me to name someone from hays who has gone pro and made it from hays in sports. I did and you use the never heard of him line. I bet you feel silly now. And how do you know that none of the 16 with notice haven’t been singled out because they are inadequate? I’m betting more than one of them are slackers and it shouldn’t matter if they made a big purchase. That’s on them

    • Why sports

      You are exactly right. Drop extra curricular activities and I’ll guarantee a large percentage if those kids will change schools! How about picking on music or other extra curricular activities!

      • Info

        Music is a class. Debate is a class. Band is a class. Sports are extra curricular. When you take a class, you receive credit towards graduation requirements and a letter grade. It’s part of school, it counts towards your GPA. With sports, you don’t receive a grade, it’s not a class, you don’t attend it during school time, it doesn’t count towards graduation requirements, and your GPA doesn’t go up or down no matter how good you are. Hope that helps you in your understanding.

        • BusinessChic

          Why are you using my name? Please be original and use your own.

          • info

            Refresh your screen. I didn’t use your name :)

          • BusinessChic

            :) After I posted that reply, I see that it refreshed. Now if only I could delete that comment…

        • Hmmm

          OK – then let’s drop the musical, let’s not let kids go to music contests, debate contests, forensics contests, etc. There are transportation costs involved here & entry fees!

          • Reality

            There are no entry fees. And I’m sure the $3,500 we spent JUST to recondition a few football helmets would pay for all the fuel and then some for these CLASSES. I agree with the other person on here that classes are one thing (and that INCLUDES music, band, debate). Cutting extracurricular (sports) is totally fine with me, especially when faced with a money shortage.

  • wondering

    I don’t understand how they are so much in the red, they have audits or do the auditors not know what they are doing?

  • BusinessChic

    I am a high school business teacher – not at 489, and I have never coached a sport. There are many qualities and skills students learn from being in sports that they don’t always learn in a classroom. Sports are a necessary part of a well-rounded education. Please understand that coaches are also teachers. They are paid a teaching salary, and then a supplemental percentage for coaching based on a negotiated teaching agreement. Those supplemental salaries barely pay for a coach’s time that is spent! I have an MBA, but I choose to teach because I believe it is my calling in life. I do not do it for the money. I could double my salary if I put in this many hours in the private sector. I think all of you who bash teachers because of our “amazing” salaries and “short” work year need to spend some time in a classroom preparing differentiated, rigorous and collaborative lessons, making sure your students are meeting standards regardless of their situation, grading papers, visiting with parents, staying late or coming in early so a student can make up work, etc. then you may appreciate that the majority of us do not teach for the money!

    • Guest

      Very well said. Thank you for all that you do for our students. Many of us parents do realize the countless hours you spend working with our kids to prepare them to be successful adults and contributing members of society. Unfortunately, the negative comments of others often overshadow our support. We are truly grateful and do not say or show it often enough.

  • frugal

    This is an unfortunate situation but it is life. If the parents are truly concerned about their children’s education and want the extra activities then there will be some sacrifice involved until the funding situation is changed. If we want the best for our kids we may need to pay the extra fees, drive our own kids to school, carpool with the neighbors, pay some additional activity or book fees etc etc. We cant always expect the best and expect someone other to pay for it. And if we cant afford all this because we have over-extended ourselves then maybe that is the life lesson learned for our children.

  • Hays Broncos or maybe Ravens

    People calm down, No need to be angry about this or all of it anyway. Did you miss the part about the $150 proposed fee for bus riders within 2.5 miles. Ye Haw. About time we made them poor kids pay there fair share. And them other kids whos parents are busy working the night shift or perhaps the morning shift who knows maybe both. Don’t know Don;t care my kid don’t ride the bus. And since your bus rider isnt my kid and I dont see how getting other peoples kids to school benefits me or the community bottom line i shouldn’t pay. Love that new coach if you ask me we should of got two of them. School Board two words, Thank You. You have this community and all of us on the right track and headed for a bright future. 15 years from now when most of the current students get out of school you helped manage and are hard at work in the community or perhaps in the NFL everyone will be thanking you for the hard work you put in to your job. Unfortunately im moving so I wont be around to see it payoff. Its never easy to cut teachers no one thinks that’s the case but look on the bright side. At least that teacher isn’t a Football coach.

    • Cutting expenses

      I glanced at the expenses report someone had posted and saw two entries for football helmet reconditioning. $2,500 and $1,000 Wow. That’s just ONE expense. How hard is it to recondition a helmet anyway and just how many are there? I see a lot of dollars in each sport category, just didn’t have the time to add all of them up. Probably better that I didn’t as I would probably spill my coffee I’m drinking out of shock.

      • stone_cold_steve_austin

        Before you respond, I am not debating the expense. I am just answering your question because I know the answer. Conditioning helmets is very expensive and VERY necessary. They fix any hairline cracks and recoat the surface. It is a hard expense to swallow, but it is very very necessary. Now buying new jersey every other year is another thing.

  • Taxed out

    Isn’t it about time we cut things down to the bare essentials? I’m tired of high taxes, both sales and property. It’s required we fund public school education and I’m fine with that. It’s not required that we (taxpayers) fund free busing and free sports. If you need a bus ride, you pay for it. If you want to go out for a sport, you pay for it.

    • No! on LOB

      Charging $150 to bus students doorstep to doorstep will cost a parent about 62 cents each way and only increase busing costs as more parents will take advantage of this luxury. Sports lovers should let their kids walk or run to school. We need to cut, not continually increase budgets.