Al’s Chickenette marks its 65-year anniversary with party

Als Chickenette

Hays oldest restaurant will celebrate 65 years in business with a celebration from 2 to 6 p.m. April 27.

Previous employees and customers are invited to the day, which will include a cruise-in car show, a cherry-pie eating contest, raffle, beer garden and children’s activities.

For more information, visit Al’s on Facebook or visit the restaurant’s website.

  • Uncle Thomas

    Just seems like yesterday it opened!

    • Uncle Thomas

      Why are you using my name? Why can you not choose a name of your own?

  • observer

    it might be named the chickenette, but the chicken and fries are no where close to as good as it used to be.

    • jackson

      very true. the new owners promised over and over they were going back to “original” recipe. they didn’t . yes the place is new and clean and bigger pieces of chicken. but no where near the original recipe. wonder why?

      • Colonel Sanders

        It was frying the food in lard & using real fresh potatoes! Not frozen crap.

      • observer

        the original recipe was simple, rolled in flour with salt & pepper then fried in lard…..that’s it. the gravy was made using the dripping from the frying pans , that’s what gave it that wonderful flavor. it was as close to my grandmas home cooking as it could be…..wonderful food, who cared about cholesterol

        • chimpster

          al’s chicken owners–if you’re reading this. go back to the original recipe. salt and peper then fry in lard. serve it hot. same with fresh french fries. to heck with heart blockage. give us the original!!!

  • Hays-ite

    To have an anniversary, wouldn’t they have HAD TO BE open the WHOLE time? Just asking!!!!!!!

    • SOOOO

      AND, still have the same owners? Not 3 or 4 or 5 different owners.

    • Chief59

      Geez, people here just can’t be pleased. A business has been around the majority of a 65 year period, and you get complaints. If they were closing, you’d get complaints. It’s a beautiful day outside people, see some good in the world.

  • supercam

    clogged arteries or no clogged arteries. I’m IN!

  • all years?

    Does this include all the years they were closed before new ownership and remodels?