Analysis: Kansas poised to end K-12 teacher tenure


school-fundingJOHN HANNA, AP Political Writer

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Republican Gov. Sam Brownback is all but certain to resist pressure to veto a proposal ending tenure for public school teachers.

The GOP-dominated Legislature approved the measure as part of a court-mandated education funding plan. Brownback must act on the bill before April 26.

Allowing the anti-tenure proposal to become law could complicate Brownback’s re-election campaign by energizing thousands of angry educators to work against him. He’s avoided public statements about the measure’s merits.

But Brownback’s staff and his legislative allies already have explained why they believe the measure should become law.

Top GOP legislators argue the anti-tenure policy is not as harsh as portrayed. Brownback and his staff have noted that the broader legislation increases aid to poor school districts.

Teachers believe they’ll be open to arbitrary firings.


  • Lefty54

    Governor Sammy is in a tough spot. He wants to sign it but he knows it will assure that he will be a failed one term governor. If he signs it he will lose to Mr. Davis. Mark my word.

  • Uncle Thomas

    He needs to sign it!

    • Don’t change current law

      He doesn’t and shouldn’t sign it. One reason tenure came into use in the first place was senseless teacher dismissals from radical parents. A teacher has a lot more people to please than most and the first time a student is off the team for bad grades, you can bet a parent will be right there to place blame.

      • Not a Issue

        I don’t buy that argument, people in the private sector face the same issues everyday if you have a profession in customer service. Same thing applies to Private Schools……its just not the issue everyone would lead us to believe!

        • Uncle Thomas

          thank you

        • BusinessChic

          It is NOT the same. I’ve worked in the private sector and in the classroom. Until you’ve taught in a classroom, you have NO idea.

        • Grad student

          I’m with those wanting to keep tenure. All it takes is getting the star football player off the team for bad grades and you’re in hot water with your job. Or if some big wig’s child doesn’t get all A’s, then of course, it’s the teachers fault and should be let go. It is definitely different than the private sector and don’t let anyone tell you different. Tenure should stay!

    • busted

      USD 489 teachers should thank Uncle Thomas as the perfect example of why they need tenure.

      Remember he’s the one who claimed to work 6 am – 6 pm every day, but somehow he had *personally* observed all Hays teachers at all Hays buildings arriving at 8 am and leaving at 3 pm.

      Small wonder that teachers need protection from those with h***-ons of hatred for teachers.

      • failing grade

        I couldn’t have said it better myself! I thought education was supposed to be important, but have yet to see it with all the cuts to teachers salaries, classroom supply budgets, class size increasing, addition of extra duties, tenure on the chopping block, firing two dozen teachers, and the list goes on. I hope someone takes the reins and quick to get this resolved.

  • VHF

    And bad teachers are protected ,, if your a good teacher and your principal knows it what are you affraid of??

    • Keep our teachers

      Bad teachers are not protected. If you are going to post on here, you should at least do a little research first. Tenure is meant so that due process can be given and not have a teacher fired just because a parent is irate. Without tenure, any little reason a parent can think of is all of a sudden fuel for dismissal. Some things that come to mind is a teacher giving a deserved grade to someone who now is no longer eligible to play on the team because of that. Or if a science teacher teaches evolution to a child who’s parents believe in creation.

    • guest1

      How about being afraid of a not good principal. One who either doesn’t have a backbone to stand up for his good teachers or one that sides with the parents of the football star who is flunking, or, that is the parent of the football star that is flunking? You could be an excellent teacher and be afraid of that.

  • passin_threw

    Getting rid of tenure at the state level DOES NOT mean there won’t be tenure! Why is that so hard for you people to understand? Look at the positives of the bill not just nitpick the one thing you see as negative

    • Common sense

      Why is it so hard for you to understand then that tenure should be kept at the state level? Maybe we should eliminate smoking and drinking laws at the state and national level and just let each city everywhere decide? What you get then is a cluster* * of different rules and laws everywhere you go. And if Hays would happen to do away with tenure, then I guarantee good teachers will be less apt to want to teach here. Heck….we already are firing a ton of them and talking about taking some of their salary away. The bill should consist of one and only ONE item….more money to education.

      • jeb

        There need to be cutbacks, I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing to the cuts in teacher positions. We should start at the top though and cut fewer high paid positions rather than cutting teachers who are the foundation of our schools. I can guarantee you one thing however, more money will NOT solve the issue.

      • passin_threw

        Of course just give more money…at what end?

        • Budget 101

          Well, to at least fund education without districts having to fire teachers, increase class sizes to an all time high, and so that teachers at least have some money for classroom supplies. Our political leaders are throwing our future kids’ education to the dogs.

      • passin_threw

        Why would the BOE here get rid of tenure if others were still offering it? Do you really think a quality education isn’t high on the priority list of anyone willing to serve on a BOE? That’s naive

        • alexander

          So cute that Passin_threw still doesn’t even remotely understand the political slogans and talking points he parrots.

          • Chief59

            When you can’t think for yourself, you can only repeat what you’ve been told.

          • passin_threw

            Says the guy who constantly posts links of where he gets his ideas

          • Chief59

            That’s the problem with you and people like you. You confuse facts with ideas.

          • passin_threw

            That’s the problem with you and people like you. You always think you’re right. No wonder you drove your wife crazy.

          • Chief59

            My above comment has nothing to do with being right and wrong. Fact are not open for debate. They are not a Liberal or Conservative idea. They are simply facts. When you choose to not believe them based on your own political beliefs is on you.

            Drove my wife crazy? You don’t have anything to back you up in a debate so your resort to made up personal attacks? Classy. I’d expect nothing less from the local crotchety old man. Get off my grass!

    • Chief59

      What is so hard for you to understand that if they don’t have to offer it, they won’t?