41 calls in one month: Fires keeping county crews hopping

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A little more than three months into 2014, and Ellis County Rural Fire already has responded to the nearly the same amount of fires fought in all of 2013.

Ellis County Rural Fire Director Dick Klaus

Ellis County Rural Fire Director Dick Klaus

According to Fire Director Dick Klaus, crews have responded to 74 calls and 47 fires this year compared to 52 fires in 2013.

The department, according to Klaus’ report to the Ellis County Commission Monday night, received 41 calls in March, more than any month last year.

Klaus said the workload is weighing on the department’s equipment. He said last Wednesday three trucks went down fighting a fire, but two of the three are back up and running.

Of the nearly 50 fires, 24 have been label suspicious by the department.

Despite all of the work early in the year, Klaus said the crew’s morale is “doing fine.”

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  • BJM

    Nice to hear about the trucks and the men….yes that is important….but how about news about the pro-active measures and strategic tactics to help prevent the next round of arson? Can the public be assured the fire department and other related government agencies are doing all they can to help prevent the next round of arson and are we assured of the safety of the public is also on the forefront as well as the trucks and the men?

    • Rocket Science

      Perhaps they dont want the people starting these fires to know what steps they are taking. My understanding is they did have the airplane out searching last time. What other steps do you suggest they take?

    • Just a Firefighter

      I happen to be a member of the fire department…..tell me what I can do to prevent the next round of arson and myself and by fellow firefighters will be more than happy to help prevent them.

    • Just think about it…..

      @ BJM Dont you think the fire department is doing everything they can to prevent this from happening? Now think about it……It is almost like asking when an accident is going to happen or when someone robs a bank. I’m confident in the fire department that they are dong everything they can to prevent this from happening. Really if the knew when the arson was going to do this they would already be caught.

    • Backdraft

      Anyone ever seen Backdraft? We need Kurt Russell

      • Guie LeDeuche

        No, we need Snake Plissken.

    • Guie LeDeuche

      Have you ever seen the movie “Minority Report”? Here’s what we do:

      Hire some psychics to predict future arson events before they happen so we can publicly flog the scoundrels; and get me some pointers on the World Series while we’re at it.

    • Darwin

      Yeah lets share with the world the plan so the person starting them can change his tactics to something else….. Some information is still needed on a “need to know” basis

  • db

    Just a Firefighter – wonderful statement !!! I personally want to thank every firefighter who responds to these unnecessary fires to protect the lives of many. God Bless all of you !!!